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The Collaboration Edit: Creating Candles w/ Daisy Blue

Today we have an announcement on the blog...I designed my own candle!!!

If you didn't see the massive announcement over on my Instagram then you would have missed to launch of my new collaboration with Daisy Blue Candles!

The Beauty Edit: No Make-up, Makeup with Glossier

Okay, I think we have all calmed down now that Glossier has arrived in the UK. It took it's sweet ass time, but its here and you can bet that your girl here is primed and ready to place more than one order come payday!

The Gifting Edit: Finding the Perfect Jewellery Gift

October is over everyone. Gone are the last few 'warm' days of Autumn and we are slapped bang right into Winter. And with Winter comes...CHRISTMAS!

The Life Edit: Spooky Goings on With B&M

It's the big day tomorrow. Nope not the C-Word! It's Halloween! And if you are anything like me, you'll be all ready for the tricksters and treaters to come knocking at your door. Cause let's face it, we were all a little too partied out at the weekend!