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The Beauty Edit: Get Your Hair Did W/ Maggie @ Gosh

Right. I'm going to say it. I have good hair. And I have a lot of hair. My hair has always been what has gotten me the most compliments throughout my life. Be it the sheer length and mass of it, the deep brown shade, or the shine that it radiates through my addiction to conditioner and treatments.

The Beauty Edit: Relaxation From L'Aromatherapy

Every now and then we all need to look after our bodies. We can eat all the kale and spinach in the world, drink 6 gallons of water a day and never leave the house without sunscreen, plus do 600 hours of yoga a week but sometimes we still need an aid to help us fell and look better.

The Blogger Edit: Finding The Right Image With Gallerist

Being a blogger is really tough. And I don't say that often. It can be really hard to spend ages taking the right image, only to edit it later and hate it altogether. And then to add insult to injury, you post said image and someone come along and steals it without your consent. It can be a nightmare.

The Style Edit: Autumn Wish List With VVA!

It's here! Autumn has arrived! Bringing Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Ugg boots, and warm woolies along with the happiness of crunchy rusty leaves. Despite the fond memories of Autumn, it can be a tricky season for dressing. Some winter blustery days mixed in with the hope of an Indian Summer happen every year, and you'd hate to be cut short!