TVC Travel: I Left My Heart In London City...

London. I wanted to not like you (clear country girl here) I really did. But as soon as I stepped off the plane at London City Airport and straight into the arms of my beloved boyfriend (of whom I hadn't seen in two weeks, ew right?), I was hooked. Line and sinker.

Now you would think that I, being the fashion slave I am, would have visited London on the reg. But oh no. This chicka has a fear of planes, and the only thing that forced me on one was knowing my boyfriend would be at the other end. Yeah, yeah. All the soppy romance. Feel free to vom.

But as soon as I was there I was captivated. And to make it better - I WAS THERE DURING FASHION WEEK!!! 

Calm down guys...I didn't steal all of Burberry's A/W 15 just yet. One day though...

But I did go to the Ritz...Same thing right?

So to do a little summary of my trip I will leave some pictures here. And I will be back soon with a post on what I bought in London.

So for now, enjoy my photography and I will see you very soon! 

Just no drooling guys...I know London is beautiful. We will go one day. All of us! 

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TVC Places: Number 659 Salon

Raise your hand if you love a good salon. A place where you can chill. Be pampered. It's therapy. And it should be put on prescription. 

But a good salon goes above and beyond that. And a great salon just blows your mind. Not just your hair. (Cheeky!)

Enter Number659. Nestled right in the heart of Glasgow's West End (a must for anyone who is on the hunt for a secret treasure) the salon just exudes haute couture. With its sleek Danish design, locally handmade furniture and a clean, minimal quasi-industrial design, you really see how passionate the owners are about providing high-quality service to their clients. 

Outstanding in their field and undoubtedly industry leaders, the team focus on all genres of clients. From the classic and polished to the exuberant and fun, and they do it oh so well. 

Here's what the manager had to say;

Our goal with number 659 is create the environment that is missing elsewhere. We want all our customers to feel at home in the salon every time the come. We have created an inclusive atmosphere where all our staff get on great, there's no individuals and we work together as a team. Our staff look forward to coming to work and that sets the tone for customers wanting to be in the salon. Whilst they are with us they can have as many drinks as they want.

They have Prosecco and cocktails on tap whilst they have professionally made coffee made for them by their neighbours the Great Western Sandwich Co on demand when a client wants one. Sounds great right? Well, they aren't done yet, oh no!

They also have a nail bar where nail treatments, hand art and flash tattooing are on offer. Not to mention their in-house makeup artist who provides her services also. 

They have an ethos to never let the salon feel too busy, too cramped or that hectic way some salons can get when it becomes claustrophobic. Coming to Number659 should feel like hanging out with your pals flat, having a drink, listening to music, chatting away and having a laugh. Even if you don't have an appointment they want people to come into the salon to just sit with their mates and have a drink. They have a feeling that the place is not just a salon, but a social hub, perfect for any occasion. 

I have seen this sense of social inclusiveness exists in salons in say London, Berlin etc but it doesn't happen in Glasgow.  This is what will set us apart. - Stacie 

The stylists and colour technicians have been hand-picked for their style and quality. They also have a special relationship with both L'oreal, Olaplex, Sara Hill (amongst others) which means that they are always are the forefront of new product launches often before they are offered to other salons. They also charge fairly with their pricing being low compared to their competitors particularly when you assess the salon quality and product quality which sits at the top end of the market. So you get a high-quality visit without the price tag.

Personally, I am in love with this little hub. I love how it is local, proud and offers great service. They are all a very talented bunch and if you are ever in Glasgow then I really recommend that you give them a look.

They are at 659 Great Western Road. 0141 339 1659

You can find out more information here

And here are their Facebook and Instagram links:



Tell them I sent you! 

TVC LIVE: Musings of the Week

It's Friday! The day where I collate the best of everything from the past few days. Narrowed down to five of the top places, people and products that have had me going gaga. It's a long'un. Hang on tight! 

1) Number659 Salon - A relaxing, beautiful and state of the art salon, nestled in the heart of Glasgow's West End. Focused of Danish design and a cool, clean interior, its hard not to fall in love with this salon. With a clear motive to take the normal stressed environment out of a traditional salon, they really captive the heart of an upstate New York salon. As you can tell I am pretty in love with this nook and I will be putting up a blog in a few weeks about it. Watch this space.  

2) Dior Star Foundation - This little gem of a foundation is perfect. I have never found a product with so much coverage, but not cakey. It is a 'your skin, but better' foundation. And it is worth its weight in gold. It is also beaut when mixed with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. That has been my perfect combo for the past month. Lasts all day, stays perfect all day too. Golden. 

3) Well since I published my first video this week, it had to be my own. (No shame social media plug...soz) I am throughly proud of how it came out and the response from you guys has been amazing. I would like to thank you all for how nice and supportive you have been about it. If you haven't seen it click here to give it a watch.

4) Serena Williams - DAYUM! That girl is on a roll. Now it is no secret that I am a major tennis fan (Hey you Federer!) and it is no secret that I am probably Serena Williams biggest fan. No exaggeration. But this week my girl crush was skyrocketed to a new height. After news breaking that she is the highest paid female athlete in the world, she also slayed a Vogue cover with some of her iconic photos yet. But she isn't done yet. She hit back at critics for criticising her 'masculine muscular body'. Putting them in their place by quite rightly reminding them that she is the best because her body is the best. And damn that is a sexy woman.

5) Coming next week - I will be doing a full makeup collection & storage video. Which should be up next weekend. If you have any requests for next week then please let me know!

And there you have it, my Friday round up of what I am loving. Be sure to send me a tweet about what you are going crazy for @voguechronicles.

TVC Beauty: It's All About The Texture

Hair. The relationship I have with mine could be described best by a few words; "OMG", "Meh" and "ARGH!".
However, my point is that my hairstyles for the past few years have always seemed to be either masses of my curls or sleek and straight (a la Miss Kate Middleton). So I took a risk this year and strayed away from my usual styles and opted for a more textured beachy wave. I daring. 
Since I am super late to the bandwagon on the whole beach/festival hair vibes, I was hoping that some of you are just joining the party too, therefore I am dedicating this post to you ladies (and guys...if that floats your boat and all, it's 2015 now) who are like me and are either total crap at doing their hair, or just fancying a new style not too far from the norm. Let's get those tresses a tumblin'. (I would have said 'on fleek' but I am still really not sure what that means)

First off I wash my hair using a clarifying shampoo, add in some Fudge Urban Styling Mousse and roughly dry it with my hairdryer. Then when my hair is about 80% dry I take the top part and dry it with my Hershesons Ceramic Ion Brush to build volume at the roots and start giving it some shape. 
Then I take my GHD Eclipse Flat Iron and loosely curl my ends and add some shape to my fringe  area. When I am happy with it I shake out my curls and add a spray of either my Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Protection Hairspray or the Moroccanoil Hairspray to keep the shape and start to build up some texture. 
When am having a 'flat day' (read: uncooperative hair day) I use some of the Batiste XXL Plumping Powder to revivify my roots and give them some 'oomph'. I'm not a major fan of this powder, I usually use the La Biostheique Volume Powder, but it is chronically hard to get a hold of so I was trying out this one. Another favourite is the Tony & Guy Casual Sculpting Powder, that is my 2nd best.
To finish I liberally spray the SHOW Finishing Spray, again not my favourite due to its awful, awful scent. But I love the Orbe Dry Texturising Spray. It is a cult product for a reason. I spray it and scrunch up my curls to make them loose and build texture. 
And thats it! If I am wanting to define my curls a little more I will pump a dab of Moroccanoil and scrunch it through the ends. 
Big beauty waves? I have you sorted homegirl! Yep, I said 'homegirl'.

TVC Video: What's In My Handbag 2015

HORAAAYY! It is finally here! I have finally made my first ever YouTube video and I couldn't be more excited! So I will not rabble on too much and I will give you a little peek at what I keep in my Mulberry Bayswater. 

Fun fact: There is around 500 images in this video. Yikes!

Note: There is no guarantee that upon purchasing products featured in this video that they will dance to Stevie Wonder.



TVC BEAUTY: Jo Malone's Latest Scent Offering

As some of you may know, Jo Malone dominates the luxury perfumes market. With its classic style and signature scents, its no wonder why they are always so highly raved about.
But one thing different about Jo Malone is that they always create a scent every season that is so edgy, it becomes a knockout bestseller. Last year it was the iconic 'Wood, Sage & Sea Salt' and this season I am putting my money one their latest offerings...

Enter the resident newbie, 'Mimosa & Cardamon'. 

A new bohemia awaits. Mists of honeyed, golden mimosa float above the spiciness of freshly crushed cardamom. Creamy tonka and smooth sandalwood woven under powdery heliotrope and Damask rose picked at dawn. Warm, ethereal, mesmerising.

And I think it does just exactly that. It is quite a strong, but not in your face scent, which really transports you to a Bohemian street, wandering along the markets and checking out the foreign architecture of a free spirited town.
Think flower child. But grown up and sexy.

I really didn't expect it to be so enchanting. If I am looking for a scent to get lost in from Jo Malone then I would head for one of their 'Cologne Intense' fragrances. But I was really surprised by the lasting power and intensity of this scent. It gives the intense range a run for its money.

Overall I am throughly impressed with their latest fragrance serving. It has been a while that I have engrossed myself so much in a perfume that I liked so much. As you may know, many fragrances make me very nauseous, so for a scent to be this powerful and not offend my sensitive nose, I will be making it a firm favourite on my dressing table.

I recommend checking this one out fast as I predict it will be a strong seller. It is retailed at £42 for 30ml and £85 for 100ml. And of course, the packaging is always top tier elegance, so you will always feel luxurious. Available now from Jo Malone stores and online. While you are online you can also create your own bohemian tile, to give your electronic devices a flower child vibe. Mines is below and I love how it is so personalised.


*Sponsored post. All views are entirely my own.

TVC LIFE: What's New Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone! This week is dragging in, therefore I am serving up a generous helping of things I am loving this week. 

I am going to get the ball rolling and start on a topic so close to my heart (and my purse strings...); Decor. Most importantly, bedroom decor

Now, if you are anything like me, you tend to get bored of things pretty quickly. Be it nail colour, hairstyles or in this case...bedding. 
Around about this time last year I set out on the hunt for the perfect hotel inspired bedding. Completely missing the mark and ending up with a dove grey floral/stripe theme. As much as it was beautiful, I couldn't help lusting over the images from The White Company, cue falling in love all over again. 
I set about changing my theme. My walls were dove grey, my furniture was white. I had a clean canvas. Enter my beautiful Hugo Boss bedding. A little gem I picked up from TK MAXX (you didn't think I paid full price for it did you? £59.99...a bloody bargain!). Its crisp, clean and oh so luxurious. I was hooked, and so my room re-vamp began. 
I currently have a light similar to the one above on hold from Next, which I will obviously update when delivered. But I can across this little one in Primark of all places last night and I am rather impressed. It works really well with the theme of my room. For only a tenner! 
I also picked up a few bits from The White Company sale just for some pretty things to look at, and I also got some frames from Ikea and Next. Which I printed off some of my favourite pictures in black & white to match my theme. There is nothing I hate more than picture colours ruining the look so putting it in black & white just makes it look so monochrome. 
And that is it! I am really in love with it. I think it has a Manhattan loft vibe which I was trying to go for.

New launch alert! Jo Malone* has released a stunning new fragrance to set us into Autumn. It is 'Mimosa & Cardamon' and it truly smells wonderful. I love that it has a nice crisp smell, but has enough uniqueness to add a funky edge. Its definitely one I will be wearing well through the next coming months. Look out for my blog post all about the newest fragrance coming soon! 

Finally I have my big beauty round up. August is nearly coming to a close and there have been a few things I have been loving and one loathe.
Too Faced Pressed Powder - I struggle to find a powder that doesn't leave me with a white residue and due to this powder being yellow toned, it matches my skin perfectly. Top marks.
Illamasqua Polishes - LOVE. Nice matte finish, dries super fast, and chip resistant for two weeks. Brilliant range of colours to paint your talons with too. Nice one guys!
Victoria's Secret Perfumes - I was so happy to pick these up. As someone who doesn't like scents much, I fell head over heels for these ones. My favourite is Victoria, the bottle is so classy with the purple bow and it just an all round superior scent. 
Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray - I popped my 'De-Slick' cherry a few weeks back and I must say, I didn't really like it that much (ooh controversial, I know). But after an hour of wear my makeup started to separate and look patchy on my face. I really didn't enjoy it much. I'll be sticking to my Caudiale Beauty Elixir thank you very much.

And there you have it. A weekly smorgasbord of my loves, loathes and latests. Be sure to check out my first ever (!!!) youtube video here. And check back later for a review of the new fragrance by Jo Malone


*This was sent to me by Jo Malone. All views are entirely my own.

TVC BEAUTY: The MUFE Product I Can't Live Without

In commemoration/celebration/appretiation of Make Up For Ever launching (finally) in the UK via Debenhams, I thought I would share my favourite MUFE product. 

Enter the MUFE HD High Definition Powder. I used to buy this for a ridiculously inflated amount on Amazon. So it launching in the UK for £22.00 was very warmly welcomed indeed. 

What it says it does: 

The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion products use formulas to create a new generation of makeup which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. The HD Powder is an extremely fine powder available in one universal shade to make the skin absolutely radiant. It sets the foundation and matifies the skin without changing its natural contours. Consisting of mineral silica powder, its talc-free formula is non-drying. Its universal translucent shade matches all skin tones. The HD Powder can be worn alone or applied over foundation.

I couldn't put that any better myself. I first heard about this product when I was googling Meghan Markle's on set makeup for the TV show, Suits. I came across her lifestyle site, The Tig, and I became hooked.

So I ordered it and gave it a go. And not a day goes by that I don't fall deeper in love with it. There is no white sheen left on your face as it it totally transparent. It is completely matifying and unbelievably undetectable. I layer it on top of my foundation and it lasts the full day. No touch-ups required.

While it is a microfinish loose powder. This does mean that it it not the tidiest of makeup products. It does tend to get a little messy. Which is fine, it doesn't bother me all too much. However if this is something that would send you screaming in the opposite direction, it does now come in a pressed powder formulation. All that matte goodness in a compact design. Genius!

Get it here at Debenhams for £22.00...much cheaper than the £50 odd I used to get it for previously. Debenhams? You are my saviour!

And that is all for today! 


TVC BEAUTY: Spotlight on Scent

I have a fickle sense of smell. Fact. So much so that the right (or in this case, wrong) scent can really make me feel pretty darn sick. (Don't even come near me if you are wearing a Thierry Mugler perfume - I guarantee you I will be pretty ill. Soz) 

It has been quite hard for me to pick a scent and stay with it. I tend to end up like a pregnant woman at the end of the day, trying to scrub of a perfume in the shower due to fragrance forever changing and offensive base notes rearing their ugly heads. 

Which reminds me - don't you just hate it when perfume promoters just voluntarily spray you? 

Anyway here's a few perfumes that haven't offended my melodramatic nose;

Jo Malone - Pomegranate Noir: I sort of have a love hate relationship with this. I LOVE it in the winter due to it being a perfect cosy scent, but I feel its too heavy for summer. But it gets points due to the fact that every time I wear it, my boyfriend will always say I smell good. 
Pro Point: It lasts a reeeeaaaly long time. I mean all day long.
Con Point: It really doesnt work all year round.

Jo Malone - Wild Bluebell: Now this one I can't get enough of. I seriously love it. I came across it after reading the fantastic Meghan Markle's amazing site, The Tig (note: totally obsessed), who most of you will know of her from the leading (and my personal favourite) show, Suits. So if it was good enough for her to rave about, then I just had to find out what the fuss was. And I was not disappointed! Light enough to be classy, but floral enough to be different. In a good floral way, not in a perfume that smells like your Grandmother way, which I wouldn't mind anyway as my Granny always smelled amazing! 
Pro Point: Light, fresh, unique but non-offensive.
Con Point: Doesn't last as long due to it being so light. But I don't mind that at all.

Hilfiger - Pear Blossom: This for me is a nostalgic scent as I wore this nearly everyday in my mid to late teens. And I still reach for it now. To me it reminds me of my teens and I have no other words to describe it. It's young and fruity, but with a 'grown-up' edge. Nothing like the typical fragrances of a 17 year old.
Pro Point: Fruity and delicious.
Con Point: Hard to find.

Flora by Gucci - Glamorous Magnolia: This was never a perfume that I thought I would like. My boyfriend bought this for me for my 21st and I have loved it since then. He really tends to get me perfumes that I wouldn't normally go for, so this was a well loved treat! It's very much in the same vein as the previous perfume due to the fruity and floral youthful smell, with a more mature edge. Its my 'playful' scent.
Pro Point: I mean its Gucci...what's not to love?
Con Point: Nothing really unique about it, not a 'signature scent'.

Chanel - Chance Eau Fraîche: This was always going to be a classic. It really is the perfume I gravitate to most often with its clean, garden-like scent. Its an all round winner. Nuff said.
Pro Point: Clean, fresh and classy
Con Poin: Pricey £££

Chanel - Chance Hair Mist: Yes okay, its the ultimate Princess product. Its unnecessary. Its pricey. But I really enjoy using it. There is something so luxurious about a perfume for your hair that it just makes sense to have it. I've had mine since February, use it every day and I am no where near the halfway point yet. 
Pro Point: If this doesn't make you feel like the Duchess of Cambridge then nothing will!
Con Point: Totally unnecessary.

And that is all for today! 

TVC BEAUTY: Maestro Brushes

When these brushed landed on my doorstep yesterday I was instantly excited. After being contacted by the company a few days before I was hyped up for a game changer. 

And I was right.

I have a lot of high end brushes, and the cult classic Real Techniques brushes, and albeit Maestro are a relatively unknown brand, but these stand their own against them. Super soft and beautifully made, these brushes are quite frankly stunning. 

They range from £15 to £60+ so I would class them as high end brushes. And you definitely pay less for more product. I am totally impressed by them and I will be sure to be making an order soon! 

Here is a link to their website, now be prepared that their website is in Polish, but if you click the flag of your country at the top of the page then it will translate it for you.



It is no surprise that when L'Oreal release a new launch, it will always be outstanding. So that makes this launch no exception. 
Regardless if it is Jennifer Lopez or Blake Lively fronting the campaign, you know it is going to be highly coveted and spectacular.

So you will understand my delight as I was wondering through my local Boots store and came across a new stand packed with new goodies that I couldn't wait to get my hands on.

While a couple of things may have been released over a month ago (hey...I've been busy) and an item that has literally just launched, I thought I would included my views and a little hot or not. 

SPOILER: It is all pretty smokin' hot.

L'Oreal La Palette Rose - £14.99 
L'Oreal La Palette Beige - £14.99
Now these palettes are pretty darn special. If you are wanting a decent dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 3 then these are your best bet, at half the price. Highly pigmented, creamy and blendable shades, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these bad boys.

L'Oreal Infallable Mega Gloss - £6.99
Correct me if I am wrong here but I am sure that these fantastic new glosses will be replacing the older line. I don't know so don't throw things at me if I am wrong. But, if you are an eagle eyed beauty fan then you would have seen this wand before. Yup, thats right its a dupe for the YSL glosses. Wanna know why? Sure you do. L'Oreal owns YSL, and a few other big named brands. So when a product (in this case a gloss) is launched into their in house premium brands then they will more often than not release it into their drugstore brand after a year or two. Pretty nifty eh?
Its good if you can ride out the hype and hold off until you can snatch up a cheaper alternative, and if I am honest, it is just as good. Be it high end or bargain buy, these non sticky, gel like, long lasting, high pigmentation, beauties (can I fit any more alliterations?) are worth their weight in gold. 

L'Oreal L'ombre Shadows - £5.49
 Last but by know means least are the newly launched L'ombre shadows. Not to dissimilar to the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill shadows, these are highly pigmented, super shimmery and blend like butter. I am totally going to say that these are just life in a pressed pigment. You need them. Yes, yes you do.