TVC BEAUTY: The MUFE Product I Can't Live Without

In commemoration/celebration/appretiation of Make Up For Ever launching (finally) in the UK via Debenhams, I thought I would share my favourite MUFE product. 

Enter the MUFE HD High Definition Powder. I used to buy this for a ridiculously inflated amount on Amazon. So it launching in the UK for £22.00 was very warmly welcomed indeed. 

What it says it does: 

The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion products use formulas to create a new generation of makeup which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. The HD Powder is an extremely fine powder available in one universal shade to make the skin absolutely radiant. It sets the foundation and matifies the skin without changing its natural contours. Consisting of mineral silica powder, its talc-free formula is non-drying. Its universal translucent shade matches all skin tones. The HD Powder can be worn alone or applied over foundation.

I couldn't put that any better myself. I first heard about this product when I was googling Meghan Markle's on set makeup for the TV show, Suits. I came across her lifestyle site, The Tig, and I became hooked.

So I ordered it and gave it a go. And not a day goes by that I don't fall deeper in love with it. There is no white sheen left on your face as it it totally transparent. It is completely matifying and unbelievably undetectable. I layer it on top of my foundation and it lasts the full day. No touch-ups required.

While it is a microfinish loose powder. This does mean that it it not the tidiest of makeup products. It does tend to get a little messy. Which is fine, it doesn't bother me all too much. However if this is something that would send you screaming in the opposite direction, it does now come in a pressed powder formulation. All that matte goodness in a compact design. Genius!

Get it here at Debenhams for £22.00...much cheaper than the £50 odd I used to get it for previously. Debenhams? You are my saviour!

And that is all for today! 


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