TVC Beauty: It's All About The Texture

Hair. The relationship I have with mine could be described best by a few words; "OMG", "Meh" and "ARGH!".
However, my point is that my hairstyles for the past few years have always seemed to be either masses of my curls or sleek and straight (a la Miss Kate Middleton). So I took a risk this year and strayed away from my usual styles and opted for a more textured beachy wave. I daring. 
Since I am super late to the bandwagon on the whole beach/festival hair vibes, I was hoping that some of you are just joining the party too, therefore I am dedicating this post to you ladies (and guys...if that floats your boat and all, it's 2015 now) who are like me and are either total crap at doing their hair, or just fancying a new style not too far from the norm. Let's get those tresses a tumblin'. (I would have said 'on fleek' but I am still really not sure what that means)

First off I wash my hair using a clarifying shampoo, add in some Fudge Urban Styling Mousse and roughly dry it with my hairdryer. Then when my hair is about 80% dry I take the top part and dry it with my Hershesons Ceramic Ion Brush to build volume at the roots and start giving it some shape. 
Then I take my GHD Eclipse Flat Iron and loosely curl my ends and add some shape to my fringe  area. When I am happy with it I shake out my curls and add a spray of either my Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Protection Hairspray or the Moroccanoil Hairspray to keep the shape and start to build up some texture. 
When am having a 'flat day' (read: uncooperative hair day) I use some of the Batiste XXL Plumping Powder to revivify my roots and give them some 'oomph'. I'm not a major fan of this powder, I usually use the La Biostheique Volume Powder, but it is chronically hard to get a hold of so I was trying out this one. Another favourite is the Tony & Guy Casual Sculpting Powder, that is my 2nd best.
To finish I liberally spray the SHOW Finishing Spray, again not my favourite due to its awful, awful scent. But I love the Orbe Dry Texturising Spray. It is a cult product for a reason. I spray it and scrunch up my curls to make them loose and build texture. 
And thats it! If I am wanting to define my curls a little more I will pump a dab of Moroccanoil and scrunch it through the ends. 
Big beauty waves? I have you sorted homegirl! Yep, I said 'homegirl'.

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