TVC LIFE: What's New Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone! This week is dragging in, therefore I am serving up a generous helping of things I am loving this week. 

I am going to get the ball rolling and start on a topic so close to my heart (and my purse strings...); Decor. Most importantly, bedroom decor

Now, if you are anything like me, you tend to get bored of things pretty quickly. Be it nail colour, hairstyles or in this case...bedding. 
Around about this time last year I set out on the hunt for the perfect hotel inspired bedding. Completely missing the mark and ending up with a dove grey floral/stripe theme. As much as it was beautiful, I couldn't help lusting over the images from The White Company, cue falling in love all over again. 
I set about changing my theme. My walls were dove grey, my furniture was white. I had a clean canvas. Enter my beautiful Hugo Boss bedding. A little gem I picked up from TK MAXX (you didn't think I paid full price for it did you? £59.99...a bloody bargain!). Its crisp, clean and oh so luxurious. I was hooked, and so my room re-vamp began. 
I currently have a light similar to the one above on hold from Next, which I will obviously update when delivered. But I can across this little one in Primark of all places last night and I am rather impressed. It works really well with the theme of my room. For only a tenner! 
I also picked up a few bits from The White Company sale just for some pretty things to look at, and I also got some frames from Ikea and Next. Which I printed off some of my favourite pictures in black & white to match my theme. There is nothing I hate more than picture colours ruining the look so putting it in black & white just makes it look so monochrome. 
And that is it! I am really in love with it. I think it has a Manhattan loft vibe which I was trying to go for.

New launch alert! Jo Malone* has released a stunning new fragrance to set us into Autumn. It is 'Mimosa & Cardamon' and it truly smells wonderful. I love that it has a nice crisp smell, but has enough uniqueness to add a funky edge. Its definitely one I will be wearing well through the next coming months. Look out for my blog post all about the newest fragrance coming soon! 

Finally I have my big beauty round up. August is nearly coming to a close and there have been a few things I have been loving and one loathe.
Too Faced Pressed Powder - I struggle to find a powder that doesn't leave me with a white residue and due to this powder being yellow toned, it matches my skin perfectly. Top marks.
Illamasqua Polishes - LOVE. Nice matte finish, dries super fast, and chip resistant for two weeks. Brilliant range of colours to paint your talons with too. Nice one guys!
Victoria's Secret Perfumes - I was so happy to pick these up. As someone who doesn't like scents much, I fell head over heels for these ones. My favourite is Victoria, the bottle is so classy with the purple bow and it just an all round superior scent. 
Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray - I popped my 'De-Slick' cherry a few weeks back and I must say, I didn't really like it that much (ooh controversial, I know). But after an hour of wear my makeup started to separate and look patchy on my face. I really didn't enjoy it much. I'll be sticking to my Caudiale Beauty Elixir thank you very much.

And there you have it. A weekly smorgasbord of my loves, loathes and latests. Be sure to check out my first ever (!!!) youtube video here. And check back later for a review of the new fragrance by Jo Malone


*This was sent to me by Jo Malone. All views are entirely my own.

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