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Raise your hand if you love a good salon. A place where you can chill. Be pampered. It's therapy. And it should be put on prescription. 

But a good salon goes above and beyond that. And a great salon just blows your mind. Not just your hair. (Cheeky!)

Enter Number659. Nestled right in the heart of Glasgow's West End (a must for anyone who is on the hunt for a secret treasure) the salon just exudes haute couture. With its sleek Danish design, locally handmade furniture and a clean, minimal quasi-industrial design, you really see how passionate the owners are about providing high-quality service to their clients. 

Outstanding in their field and undoubtedly industry leaders, the team focus on all genres of clients. From the classic and polished to the exuberant and fun, and they do it oh so well. 

Here's what the manager had to say;

Our goal with number 659 is create the environment that is missing elsewhere. We want all our customers to feel at home in the salon every time the come. We have created an inclusive atmosphere where all our staff get on great, there's no individuals and we work together as a team. Our staff look forward to coming to work and that sets the tone for customers wanting to be in the salon. Whilst they are with us they can have as many drinks as they want.

They have Prosecco and cocktails on tap whilst they have professionally made coffee made for them by their neighbours the Great Western Sandwich Co on demand when a client wants one. Sounds great right? Well, they aren't done yet, oh no!

They also have a nail bar where nail treatments, hand art and flash tattooing are on offer. Not to mention their in-house makeup artist who provides her services also. 

They have an ethos to never let the salon feel too busy, too cramped or that hectic way some salons can get when it becomes claustrophobic. Coming to Number659 should feel like hanging out with your pals flat, having a drink, listening to music, chatting away and having a laugh. Even if you don't have an appointment they want people to come into the salon to just sit with their mates and have a drink. They have a feeling that the place is not just a salon, but a social hub, perfect for any occasion. 

I have seen this sense of social inclusiveness exists in salons in say London, Berlin etc but it doesn't happen in Glasgow.  This is what will set us apart. - Stacie 

The stylists and colour technicians have been hand-picked for their style and quality. They also have a special relationship with both L'oreal, Olaplex, Sara Hill (amongst others) which means that they are always are the forefront of new product launches often before they are offered to other salons. They also charge fairly with their pricing being low compared to their competitors particularly when you assess the salon quality and product quality which sits at the top end of the market. So you get a high-quality visit without the price tag.

Personally, I am in love with this little hub. I love how it is local, proud and offers great service. They are all a very talented bunch and if you are ever in Glasgow then I really recommend that you give them a look.

They are at 659 Great Western Road. 0141 339 1659

You can find out more information here

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