TVC Travel: I Left My Heart In London City...

London. I wanted to not like you (clear country girl here) I really did. But as soon as I stepped off the plane at London City Airport and straight into the arms of my beloved boyfriend (of whom I hadn't seen in two weeks, ew right?), I was hooked. Line and sinker.

Now you would think that I, being the fashion slave I am, would have visited London on the reg. But oh no. This chicka has a fear of planes, and the only thing that forced me on one was knowing my boyfriend would be at the other end. Yeah, yeah. All the soppy romance. Feel free to vom.

But as soon as I was there I was captivated. And to make it better - I WAS THERE DURING FASHION WEEK!!! 

Calm down guys...I didn't steal all of Burberry's A/W 15 just yet. One day though...

But I did go to the Ritz...Same thing right?

So to do a little summary of my trip I will leave some pictures here. And I will be back soon with a post on what I bought in London.

So for now, enjoy my photography and I will see you very soon! 

Just no drooling guys...I know London is beautiful. We will go one day. All of us! 

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