TVC STYLE: Golden Globes

Awards season is fully upon us. As you were sleeping last night, the fashion eyes of the world were scanning the red carpet for the latest trends for the stylish year ahead. 

The Golden Globes were lets just say interesting this year. We had an out of date Ricky Gervais, Jonah Hill in a bear hat, J-Law and A-Shu's skit and lastly...

What up with Channing Tatum's hair? Jeez. Google it. Or don't if you still want to dram of Magic Mike.

And some of us were just waiting to see if poor old Leo Di Cap gets a gong. (SPOILER: He did...its finally happening. He's going for that Oscar!) But what he did deliver was a serious serving of savage side eye. Yeesh!

As the night unfolded there were obviously some fashion hits and some misses. But as I was looking at some of the polls, I couldn't help but disagree with some of the opinions (each to their own). So I decided to go for my own round up of the best, the worst, the 'meh' and the after party dresses.


The Best

I must say, those that haven't been featured do not equal my dislike. Its just that these five dresses were my absolute favourites. I couldn't stop staring for a few reasons. One, they were different. Yes it is a 'oooh ahhh' moment when you see a puffy ballgown on the red carpet, but for me, I want to see style. I want to see colour. And I want to see elegance in tow.

That is why these five dresses made my heart beat faster. And it goes a little like this...

1. Jennifer Lopez - 10/10 for colour choice. I love everything about the look. It could have been easy to go for a red siren dress to ooze sex appeal, but I love how she picked an unexpected hue to make us swoon.
2. Rachel McAdams - No bias here. Rachel is one of my favourite actresses. Great on the big screen, but even stellar on the fashion front. She cuts an elegant shape with a different pattern. That takes skill...and this girl got it.
3. Laverne Cox - THIS! Classic, elegant but different. There are no other words. This girl just kills it every time. Very similar to Taraji P Henson's dress. Which I also loved. 
4. Olivia Palermo - Be still my beating heart. The Queen has arrived. Equal parts unexpected and elegant. It was a solid winner. 
5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - This was my across the board favourite look from the whole night. And as if that wasn't enough, my favourite human got engaged to her beau, Jason Statham. Just stop and think about that wedding...swooon!

The Worst 

Now I'm not labelling a fashion dunce on these lovely ladies. I'm not being mean. I just thought there were better dresses out there.

1. Katy Perry - This dress reminds me of the Kim Kardashian pink latex number of late 2014. Plus the 90's esque hair bump-it? I'm not going to say anymore. *shudders* 
2. Maggie Gyllenhaal - I love the style and the shape of this dress...just let's take a second to address that print though. I mean really? 
3. Jennifer Lawrence - This I just didn't get. I love the colour on her but I thought that the cheeky flash of the abs was pretty tacky. So J-Law.
4. Lady GaGa - Ah. The classic Marilyn Monroe. Seen it. Great at the time but I think GaGa has a lot more class to follow her own style. 
5. Zendaya - This I love and hate at the same time. I love the colour/fabric but the bottom half I just don't love. I hate saying this because I love her and her make-up was amazing last night.

The 'Meh's

Now these dresses I'm not going to list because they all follow the same format, predictable. Yes, they are all so beautifully stunning. And yes, they all look amazing. But as I said earlier, I like to see something different and something less regulated.

The After-Party Dresses

After the show it's the afterparty then, after the party it's the hotel lobby. We all know the rules.

Now, these looks I loved, with my favourite being Selena Gomez. The after party is where you chill, let your hair down and cry into your Moët because you didn't get a gong. Or was that just Leo Di Caps? Savage...

In all seriousness, the after parties are where its at. And if these are that good...I can't wait for the Oscars!


TVC BEAUTY: Olivia Palermo X Ciate

Anyone who knows me would know that when it comes to Olivia Palermo...I am obsessed. Obsessed isn't strong enough a word for it. I'm a full on addict.

So when Ciate announced that they were launching a make-up line curated by Miss OP herself my heart skipped a few beats. Pathetic...I know.

I managed to get my hands on a few items and was blown away by them. The packaging, the quality and the pigmentation are all stunning. Just as you would expect from one of the most fashionable people that ever walked the earth.

The shade ranges in the collection are all as beautiful as the packaging. For the lipsticks, there are two neutral shades and two vampy shades. Both either cool or warm toned, there is one to suit every skin tone. For me, I picked the cool toned shades. For the reason being that cooler tones make your skin and teeth look brighter.

All in all this is a beautiful range, and I will be going back for a few more...

Ciate X Olivia Palermo is in stores now. Ranging from £15 - £40. 


TVC Life: Hey 2016 - Let's Have Ya'

Ah, 2015. You really were a rollercoaster. In the year we had the long awaited Star Wars movie, the rise of Caitlyn Jenner,  same sex marriages legalised in the USA, THAT Miss Universe blunder, and, sorry to mention it... #PigGate. (Shudders...)

We also had the best/worst (depending on your views) news for centuries...

The end of One Direction.

I know...too soon.

I jest. I don't think the world is ready. So let's take our minds off it and recap on the best bits of 2015. Sit tight...

First up we had the rise of Amy Schumer (yes gurl!), the newly brilliant launched show that is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (You know you sang along to Pinot Noir!) and not forgetting the comeback of the queen that is Adele.

(Though if we are talking about music, how could we not forget the cape incident at the Brits. Soz Madge...)

We also had the new beauty launches like the Tom Ford, Lips and Boys mini lipsticks, all conveniently named after prominent men in Mr Ford's life. Noiiice.
There came my most coveted range which was the Olivia Palermo cosmetics range for Ciate. Which I  loved. Loved being an understatement. I lived for that range, and it didn't disappoint.
And finally we had the launch of the H&M Beauty range. Which was all parts of dreamy and classy.

Speaking of H&M, have we all calmed down from the Balmain X H&M collab yet? The biggest launch to shock the fashion industry took the world by storm. Selling out in under 15 minutes across the globe and crashing the internet as we know it, we knew it was going to be a success, just not THAT big...

And lastly my personal favourite event from the year was of course tennis related. 2015 brought the era of female domination in the industry, led by none other than #GirlBoss and general badass Serena Williams. Breaking down stereotypes and smashing through glass ceilings one ace at a time, she changed the sporting industry, and broke a few records while doing it. No biggie right?

It's also worth mentioning the Davis Cup victory for team GB. They boys did good. Had us on the edge of our seats with baited breath, waiting for them to make history. And they did it in style. 

But it wasn't just Tennis that was making waves this year. 2015 saw the rise of Women's Football. And my God it was beautiful. Each and everyone of they girls broke down stereotypes playing the game they loved. And rocked! 

However as you know this year was personally tough for me. But I did have some great moments. I had a great mini-break in London, where I geeked out on all the best bits from London Fashion week. And I had the very successful relaunch of this blog, our community and the brand. And we are doing great. 2016 will be the year of The Vogue Chronicles.

I personally have very many thins to look forward to in 2016. I will be going to see my favourite boys Coldplay in June. Which for me, life doesn't get much better. My heart beats to the sound of Chris Martin. And that in itself is sad.
I will also be flat hunting this year. Which is equal parts exciting as it is terrifying. As many of you will know, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Which makes finding somewhere to call my own pretty hard. Lets just at hope 2016 is the year of miracles... (pray for me!)

So with that in mind, I wish you all of the best to 2016. I hope you all achieve your dreams. And I can't wait to see what this year brings.

Never stop dreaming...