TVC Beauty: January Favourites

Holy smokes! Is it February all ready? How is that even possible? First month of 2016. Done.

Since it is the end of a month I was going to hit you guys with a few of my makeup favourites. Not hit you literally. You get the gist.

I'm just going to get straight in and start with my favourite foundation this month which was the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. When I first tried this, I hated it. No joke. I could not stand it. But a few weeks ago I pulled it out of my stash and thought I would give it another go. I really, really like this for a soft light coverage. I don't really need a high coverage foundation and I don't get very many breakouts so I would say that if you need that sort of thing I wouldn't give it a go. If you like light, breathable coverage then this is your friend. 8/10

My two favourite lipsticks this month have been from MAC. Shocker. I have been loving the shades, 'Syrup' and 'Modesty'. Both really pretty nudes and both won a place in my makeup bag. 9/10

Another MAC favourite this month has been their eyeliner in 'Teddy'. I've loved this shade for a long, long time. It has the right amount of bronze/gold mix to flatter my brown eyes but it is not as intense as a black liner. Great all round liner. 11/10.

We all know that I love Tom Ford. And we all know I love my brows. Well now you know what I use to fill them in. And its the Tom Ford brow sculptor in the shade '04 Espresso'. Much like the Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencils, this has a slanted nib. Slightly ashy in colour to match my hair (yes...I'm an ashy brunette...sadly I don have much red in my hair left. Boo), which is great as it is really hard to find a shade that matches well. Pricey...but oh so worth it. 9/10

Last up are my favourite blush/bronzer duo. And obviously its coming straight from NARS. I personally think that NARS make the best powder products. The pigmentation is just second to none. They beat MAC hands down. Anyway the two final products I'm rambling on about are, blush in "Deep Throat' and the broker in "Laguna'. Always one for a naughty name, the blush just adds the right amount of pink to flatter my olive skin. Which is surprisingly hard to find a decent pink that doesn't look red on my skin. And the bronzer I use as a contour. Personally it is too ashy for me to use as a bronzer, which I was so confused as to why people were raving about it. It just didn't suit my skin, but I tried using it as a contour and it's perfect. Beats any other contour powder I've used. 10/10 

Overall that has been the makeup selection that I have been wearing this month. Its pretty easy, takes 10 minutes and gives me a really natural look. I don't tend to recommend a mascara as it is such a personal choice but if you know me well, you know I will always be wearing Lancome's Hypnose. Its always my favourite.

Now I'm diving back under my duvet to hide from the horrifying weather that we are facing this week. If you need me, bring tea!


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