TVC Beauty: Mac Lipsticks That Kylie Jenner Probably Owns...

MAC. Everyone owns one. Everyone has their favourite. Regardless if you are more of a 'Ruby Woo' kind of girl. Or your soul speaks for 'Cyber'. We are all in agreement that MAC have some stunners. 

Me? I'm a 'Velvet Teddy' kind of girl.

Which doesn't surprise me that my collection of MAC lipsticks feature a nude/rosy pink vibe. 

This made me inspired to do a run through of the seven nudes I love from MAC. (It would have been five but willpower is something that I do not have)

Let's start with the favourite, 'Velvet Teddy' - A classic since I was 18. The perfect nude for my skin tone. Can't say anything more.

'Mehr' - A rosy blushed stain. Best worn lightly and pressed into the lips to form a stain. Lasts...forever...

'Syrup' - The cooler older sister of 'Mehr'. Slightly purple in turn. Ultimate cool girl off duty shade.

'Whirl' - Kylie Jenner hands down shade. Notoriously brown in colour. 90's grunge lip. Don't be scared of it, its super flattering.

'Kinda Sexy' - Super matte. Like Kylie Jenner on a 'no makeup' day.

'Modesty' - My most worn shade. So easy to wear. Perfect with any kind of makeup.

'Captive' - As dark as you can get for a 'nude' lip. Its dark...but its super sexy. Like the friend of 'Brave', only tamer.

Now who wants to go to MAC? I'll come with...

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