TVC Beauty: Make Up Masterclass 101

We've all been there. Clock hits 3pm, you get up from your desk to notice the shiny, cakey face that you have to powder...yet again.

I blame the lights in my office. They don't flatter anyone and make my makeup run. Oh boy it runs.

However I seem to have found an answer to the age old question; how do you avoid cake-face?

Well its simple. You need a good base. And by base, I mean the layers that you build up to work with each other. Think, primer, foundation, concealer, powder. Not concealer, powder, powder, powder.

Because if there is one thing I have found out, its that too much powder is too much. Let's just get on to my magic secret to stopping the cake yeah?

1) So first off I like to start with a clean moisturised face. The problem with caking is that it clings in areas where your face is dry. I mean its easier to build up there than on a well moisturised area isn't it?

2) Primers are also the key to having long lasting makeup that you can rely on. No more 3pm bathroom powder breaks! I like using a primer with a high glycerin content and sans oil. Glycerin is the glue that binds your foundation to your face. And its bloomin marvellous! My favourite one to use is the Smashbox hydrating primer. Its hydrating and keeps my face looking fresh all day.

3) Now, when you apply your foundation, less is really more. You aren't using your foundation to conceal your troubles. Its a base. So treat it like one. Use a lightweight foundation with no oil and buff into your skin with a beauty blender or a kabuki brush. The more you blend, the better foundation looks. Seriously, get yourself a brush. And wash it regularly. You'll find that you'll have less blemishes and clearer skin. And you can thank me later. Link to good high street brushes here.

4) Here comes the big one. Let your foundation set. Just let it set. This will let your foundation settle into your skin and give your concealer a chance to work without fighting with your still wet foundation. It only takes 3-4 mins. You can fill in your eyebrows and come back to it. Heck you can do what you damn well please. Just let it set lady.

5) Conceal, but lets not get cack handed on it yeah? Its tempting to pile on the concealer and be done with it, but then you're going to cake and then you're going to have a bad time. So start off lightly, using a creamy concealer. (Remember I was talking about dry skin = cake-face? Same rules apply) My favourite is the Nars Creamy Concealer. It just works. Really darn well. A dupe on the high street is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Again, its nice and creamy so you're going to be able to blend it well.
Start with your eyes, use a small amount in an inverted triangle (below). This creates a more lifted and awake effect. You'll thank me later.

 Annnnd blend. And blend. And blend until there is nothing left but skin. You shouldn't ever see a line where your concealer ends. I use a beauty blender for this. One layer is enough. Trust me. It is.

6) When it comes to everywhere else on your face, use a tiny amount to cover your redness. Use your beauty blender (or your finger...I don't like using brushes for my concealer) to blend out the edges. Let it set and if you need another layer then use another small amount. I would only suggest going in with a second layer on blemishes. I wouldn't use it anywhere else.

7) The final step. Powder. Now I use two powders. And my makeup lasts all day with this trick. First off you want to grab yourself a translucent powder. And you want to bake your under eye concealer. Yeah, I sake bake. Baking is adding a lot of translucent powder over your concealer to soak up the excess product and grease which stops your concealer settling into fine lines and caking.

It should look something like this (below). I use a beauty blender to put on the powder and then after 5-7 mins I use a big fluffy brush to swipe it away.

My favourite demo for this is by Wayne Goss. I'll leave that here.

Then all you have to do is get a big fluffy brush, a nice lightweight powder and then lightly dust your face to set. 

With this I only have to powder my face once a day. And thats at a push. 

It seems like a lot to do every morning, but the more you do it the faster it gets. And when you stop you will notice the difference. It takes me about 15-20 mins in the morning now to do my whole makeup. When actually I'd be spending more time before trying to fix the cake.

I'll leave your shopping list down below with the links to my favourite items. Just click the item to find out more. Happy baking!!!

What you will need

Let me know how you all get on in the comments below. 


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