TVC Life: Meet Peach The Puppy!

Well, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been. I've been on a magical journey with my brand new, just out the wrapper, puppy. Meet Peach! 

Peach is a 12 week old, Border Terrier, with a love for naps and slippers. She has such a lovely little personality forming already and I can't wait to grow with her. She is such a friendly natured dog, who loves cuddles from everyone!

Her long legs make me feel all kinds of love. She's sort of like a teenage boy with her small body and massive limbs, but I think it fits her character perfectly. 

She is now fully vaccinated and had been out her first set of walks in the countryside. She is such an outdoorsy dog! There is nothing better than seeing her little face light up when she is running through the grass and jumping in the river. 

However, she loves nothing more than cuddling up with her blanket on my lap. She has somewhat of a stubborn nature, so she is very like myself. But the cute little face was will worth the four-hour drive to get her! 

Well, there she is! My lovely little fur baby. I have never been in love so much in my life before. I hope you enjoyed meeting her and if you want to keep up with her shenanigans then follow her on Instagram at @thepeachchronicles - I hope you love her little wet nose as much as I do!

And with that, she's ready for her dinner...I better go then!

Mollie & Peach 

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