TVC Travel: World Duty Free

Travelling is something that is always a luxury. We are about to get on a plane and indulge in serious wanderlust.

And we all know that the best part about travel is Duty-Free? Right? Spending your last minute pennies on non-taxed items is the dream. From Dior to Chanel and everything in between, I don't know who can walk through DF on the way to their flight without being enticed into the shiny stands.

Here at TVC, we love to travel. So collaborating with World Duty-Free is a no brainer.

We all know we can get items that we can get in department stores at a discount rate, but what about exclusives? At WDF there are many one-off items made directly by the brands exclusively for Duty-Free.

I love a one off, something by my favourite brands that is rare. It makes it even more special. Be it an exclusive set, palette, or fragrance, there is always something exciting about it.

They lovely people at World Duty-Free have sent me some featured items from their newest ranges, all to help us all to get 'Jet-Set Fabulous'. Plus some exciting cocktail mixers to enjoy pre or post holiday!

All of the above are solely exclusive to World Duty-Free.

Now, I know what you are thinking. If there is anything better than exclusives, it's miniatures! We've all been in the isle of doom in Sephora, filling up our baskets with cute little travel minis or our favourite products. Guilty as charged.

The above set from OPI is just perfect for travel. Great for your girl's mini-break to Milan or your romantic weekend away with your beau. Handy and perfect for touch ups - I can see this being in my makeup bag full stop! - £16.25 (at all British WDF)

L'Oreal have created this cute set for going away. Complete with a little bag to hold it in, this set includes a blue eye palette that is perfect to try a new look while you are away. I love blues as a liner in the summer. It makes a change from my Chanel 'Cassis' liner that I double up with MAC's 'Teddy'. Both dark colours, I welcome the fresh change when they days get longer and my tan gets hella deeper! - £23.20

Guerlain has THE scent for summer. With fresh notes of peony, violet and crisp roses, they keep the smell light and airy. It's that scent that graces you with kind beats and passion - but with nothing musky or heavy to drag it down. It's perfect for summer. - £46.00

The last set is only for us adults. An awesome company called 'Muddle & Mash' have teamed up with WDF to be their newest brand. They create premium cocktail mixers which you just add either white rum or vodka to and shake it up. Which if you ask me is perfect for holiday time!

Make sure to clear some time on your next trip to browse the isles of World Duty-Free. Look out for the exclusives - I'm sure you will find something from one of your favourite brands. Its not just for your last minute items, any beauty lover worth their contour knows its a gem of a hotspot.

Follow World Duty-Free on Twitter & Instagram to share your holiday goodies with the hashtag #JetSetBeauty!

Twitter: @worlddutyfree
Insta: @worlddutyfreebeauty 


*This post was kindly sponsored by World Duty Free.

TVC Talks: #Girl Boss

Self-worth is always something that I have struggled with. I used to worry about unpopular opinions and fret about the little things.

I will always be a worrier. Be it an exam, a risky text or to 'what the f**k has my dog just ate'. I'm just that kind of gal. But I will never worry about my self-worth.

As I've gotten older I've found who I am as a person. I'm a foodie. A lover of dogs. Passionate tennis enthusiast. Keen writer. And a hopeless romantic at heart.

But above all, I am a woman.

I am a woman. I'm Scottish. Born and raised. I breathe my country and I am overwhelmingly patriotic to my heritage. I am a woman who has always gone after her goals. Who learns excessively. Who loves unconditionally. And who's heartbeat is the reason that she knows she can always do more. To help more. And to love more.

Through a series of events unfolding, I have learned how to be a woman. Call it a delayed 'coming-of-age'. Or call it self-realization. Call it what you will, as long as you are willing to learn and grow for it.

We have all struggled with a flippant comment by someone in our lives. Be it a bully or an internet troll tearing you apart for your selfie. And while that is most certainly not okay, there was a lesson that my mother told me that helped me become who I am today.

"Don't let them in. Always remember to smile. Never let them see you cry. Never let them win"

And may it not ring true for everyone, for me it was a turning point. Because my mother is the biggest #GirlBoss that I know. The woman that I always knew that had her sh*t together - she obviously got it from my granny, now there's a story!

My mum has always had it together. I always admired how strong she was. And it's only taken me to now, the best part of my twenties, to realise that she was right - and her method was not that hard.

In the millennial lingo, we have the term #GirlBoss thrown about like a hot potato. We flippantly use terms like, 'Queen', "Boss Lady' and the like, without a care in the world. And while these terms are great when you are doing the 'Single Ladies' dance and proclaiming Beyoncé to 'Slay' as your 'Queen', finding the real message and the right person to tag it to isn't so flippant.

In this world full of hate and a long stream of articles explaining the humiliation of young girls in various circumstances, (High School proms, dress codes, and even trips to the supermarket), surely we should be bringing up a generation of strong, independent and #Boss women, who do not feel the need to tear apart their female companions for whatever reason.

The art of being a lady is now somewhat defunct. Much to my upset. Now there is a new trend: The 'Gentle-Woman'. A woman who is not afraid of hate riddled words. A woman who knows who she is and who she wants to be. A woman who avoids needless gossip and refuses to stir the rumour mill. A woman who is kind and spreads love. A modern woman that knows the art of culture, style and appreciates them in turn. A woman who has dynamic dreams and very little fear to oppose them.

This woman knows how to handle a situation comfortably, with minimal damage. She knows when enough is enough. She understands the importance of vulnerability and possible failure, but she doesn't let it define her. She knows the value of a good support network and isn't afraid to admit defeat because she knows how to get right back up again. She may cuss appropriately without a fret and adapt to the changing world around her. She knows how to dress like the most important person in the room. She knows how to handle herself. She fights for what she believes in but doesn't ignore other's opinions. She isn't ostentatious or with a bragging nature. She is the boss because she worked her way there. She earned respect, trust, and loyalty - fairly and lawfully. She will not expect anything for nothing, in fact, she is prepared to roll up her sleeves and help out her team at all times.

This and so much more makes a modern woman, but most of all this woman knows that with enough planning, education, and determination, she will achieve even her wildest dreams. Because she has faith.

Every woman has the opportunity to grow. We all have the ability to spread the message of how to love, to learn and to live like the modern women that we are.

I myself, am a #GirlBoss. And my wildest dream is for every woman on this earth to feel like she can be the best she can be, and to empower her. And I have faith in every one of us.

You are worth it. And you deserve the world. Now go get it!


TVC STYLE: The Outnet Sale Picks

Ahh The Outnet sale, gets me every time it rolls around. I prepare my credit card and I am going in full steam ahead - because who doesn't love a designer sale?

Finding 'the one' in a heap of discount designer finds is tough. You can easily be swept off your feet by a pair of bright yellow pumps at 65% off but when it comes to wearing them, you'll be hard pressed to get everyday usage out of them!

That's why I like finding things that are just a little off the beaten track, but still classic enough that it can mould into my current wardrobe.

And while it's easy to fall in love with everything you see, it's so much more rewarding wearing your new designer find every day, like the boss lady you are because #youwokeuplikethis.

So what are my picks? The image above has my favourite outfit that I would see myself wearing daily and can fully be integrated with my existing pieces for this season.

Blazer: Helmut Lang £76.50
Jeans: J Crew £58
Top: Theory £25
Necklace: Noir Jewellery £76.50
Belt: Jimmy Choo £157.50
Bag: Alexander Wang £150.71
Heels: Charlotte Olympia £238.50

Shop wisely my friends, and build that capsule wardrobe!


TVC X The Tig: A Guide to My City

Recently I had the chance to collaborate with the wonderful people at The Tig. A site very much like my own with very similar passions. A site that promotes inspiration and creativity and provides a space for like-minded readers to nourish and grow in their wonderful content.

So it was no surprise that I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them. With beautifully curated posts and outstanding photography, I knew I wanted to be involved with the legacy that the EIC Meghan Markle has created.

We decided to do an 'Insider's Guide To Glasgow' - a city where I now call home, and a city where creativity and inspiration are on every corner.

Since I know my new hometown like the back of my hand, I went to work scouring out the best places to eat, stay, shop and frolic in my wonderful city.

And while I would love to tell you about it right now, you'll just have to go over to their site to read the article, and fall in love with The Tig as much as I did.

Lucky for you, I have the links do to so!

Link to the post:
Instagram: @_thetig
Twitter: @_thetig

Send some kind words round their way and be prepared to fall in love, you won't be disappointed!


TVC Travel: Amsterdam

A city of wanderlust, of discovering yourself and finding the true beauty in the gem of the Netherlands.

There are no rules here, you are who you are and accepted for it. A way of life that could (and should) be easily adapted to our modern world. It's a city of beauty, in all forms of the word and I'm here to highlight its best parts.

Before you explore the cobbled streets and amazing cheeses, you may want to find a place to stay first.

I'd agree that the Waldorf Astoria is one of the most luxurious stays in Amsterdam. From the  legendary service and timeless elegance, you are in for an unforgettable experience. Situated close to many luxury shops, museums, and theatres, you are situated perfectly for prime entertainment, so you can spend your day indulging in the nostalgic beauty and modern luxuries of the Hotel's location. It's an architectural masterpiece with a unique collection of six 17th century canal palaces situated right on the Herengracht. And with rooms that boast views of the stunning canal or the courtyard gardens, you will start every day with a smile.

They also are the only hosts to the prestigious Guerlain spa in the whole of Amsterdam - which is famed for its celebrity clients. 

With a world-class dining experience at the two-star Michelin restaurant Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam, you will be sorted for fine dining for the duration of your stay. 

The Hilton hotels have over 4 different brands in the city, one for every kind of traveller. And with that, included in every one of their hotels they welcome families of all ages! 

And if I haven't convinced you enough, then why not have a look at the amazing sales that they have on offer here.

While you are in Amsterdam, there are some beautiful places to check out. But getting a bike tour through the wonderful Vondelpark is easily the best way to spend your time. It is one of the oldest parks in the Netherlands and with over 10 million visitors a year, its beauty is appreciated all over the globe.

And obviously, visiting the canals and exploring the city is on every tourist's list. I suggest renting a bike, you'll feel like a local!

If that hasn't convinced you to take a trip to this wonderful city then this video will have you reaching for your passports and packing your cases quicker than you can say tot ziens!

I really hope you enjoy your stay and please, please tag us in your pictures and share your wonderful vacation memories with us! 

Check out the Waldorf Astoria on Twitter at @WaldorfAMS using the hashtags, #Amsterdam & #HiltonHotels 



TVC EATS: Spring Chicken Pie

cc. Jamie Oliver
Who doesn't love a pie? There is something so comforting about them. But in the spring/summer, they can be a little heavy if we go down the shortcrust pastry route.

I came across this recipe online for a lighter filo pastry pie option and I just couldn't help myself!

It was one of the most simple pies I've ever made, and it went down a treat with my family. And for once, I think I made something that looks like it does on the website!

Using in-season vegetables really makes this adaptable for every season, but there were something about it that I found really comforting in our rainy (but mildly warm) Spring days. 


TVC Life: Coldplay - Glasgow - 7.6.2016

Coldplay. I have loved them every day since I was a little girl. And while I have I have seen them more times than I have fingers on my hands, I have never seen them with my mum before. Which is a shame considering it was my mum who got me into them.

It all changed, however. I have been to many gigs but the last time I was at one with my mum I was a little girl seeing the Spice Girls, or the like.

Having now experienced seeing my favourite band with now all of my favourite people, I now have a deepened appreciation for them.

They have gotten me through the best and worst of times. And every song they have creates a deep feeling to me that I share their emotions.

Going to a gig in Glasgow is like no other. The people are so enthusiastic and the atmosphere is electric. I love my city for this.

I have seen a whole host of artists, from the classics like Nicola Benedetti to the dance vibes of Calvin Harris. And every genre is appreciated with such vitality.

If you are ever in Glasgow, go to a gig. You will not regret it.


TVC Beauty: The Naked Lip Combo

Ahh Kim Kardashian. She has inspired the 'nude' lip brigade for nearly a decade. Showcasing a glossy nude pout to the nations - it was a given that the 90's trend made a huge comeback.

I'm not a one for majorly outlined lips. I love a good makeup day just as much as the next badass lady don't get me wrong. So when I have my game face on, you can be sure this is my winning combo.

Mac's 'Stripdown' liner was so not the colour I thought I ordered. Dark, brown and stinking of the 90's, I was sure that it wasn't the colour for me. But when paired with Tom Ford's 'Sable Smoke' it is all kinds of nude naughtiness.

Lipstick and liner are all too heavy and matte for me so I add a slick of Urban Decay's Naked gloss in 'Walk of Shame' to sheer things out.

The result is a perfectly nude pout that isn't as intense as a Kardashian look, but perfectly subtle for the more refined palette amongst us.


TVC Life: Reading List #1

Reading. We all have our favourites. I love the classics, Jane Austen, Brontë etc. I have a collection of books that fill both my bedroom and my spare room. It is my dream to have a library one day. 

Until that day I will always have my favourites. Some old and some new, but they all have a superlative significance to my life. 

Who doesn't love The Mindy Project? She's absolutely hilarious! Her book focuses on her journey at one of the life's curveballs. Her witty lines and anecdotes are what make this book such a feel good read. She is a fabulous and talented writer who promotes the 'girl power' message in a kick ass method. 

Written by the man behind 'The Night Manager', this book is one of my favourites. It's not the most rib-tickling books of all time. But if you like a classic, tourbillion read then this one is for you. Set in one of the iciest days of the Cold War, the plot focuses on a doughty spy-focused on catching a mole buried into the heart of the Moscow State Circus in a purgatory fashion. Thrilling and transmogrifying right until the end, this is one that you will not be able to put down. 

The GG is an all time classic. But I must admit, I hated this book when I was made to study it in high school. I just didn't get why people loved it, I thought it was crass and gormless. But then very recently I bought it on a whim as I didn't have it in my collection. So I gave it a read, and I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with the amative and sexy nature of the story. And I believe you will too. 

My girl Susan has got my back. I was given this book when I was feeling rather down. I was seen as somewhat of a frangible person. I had been through a rough patch and I had a distinct fear of being out on my own, ironic as I am a somewhat insular person. But this was more than before. The book breaks down the need for fear, the stem, the root and the seed. I was never a one for a 'self-help' style due to my incessant stubbornness, but I now am somewhat insouciant through what this book taught me. I feel it is one for a read regardless of your anxiety level. It will always be an ever present skill that I have to hand. 

No, I'm not your mother telling you to tidy your apartment. I'm sorry for even giving you that anxiety. We have all had days when we look at what we have and think about when it was last in use. The great thing about TLCMOT is that it teaches you to live minimally, clean and efficient. Not only will this help you to regain control of your clutter but it will help to reduce your carbon footprint, by understanding the meaning of 'need'. The more things we control usage of- the less we have to buy and that means in a less of production and emissions. It's a great read if you feel you are in a rut and have no way of getting out of it.

My dear Harper has provided me with my favourite book of all time. I have read it tentatively and repetitively since I was 12 and I have never been let down by it. A beautiful story that showcases the lack of egalitarianism in the world at that time that is portrayed through the words of an innocent little girl. At the time it showed a small hope for humanity and their choices, that racism has the chance to be eradicated. But now it shows just how far we have come in this world. And hopefully, can continue. 


TVC Life: How To Breathe in a World of Chaos

As a kid what did you want to be? A ballet dancer? An actress? A lawyer? 

I wanted to be a 'spaceman' when I was six (a story that my family love to tell). I didn't know that women could go to space, so I was going to be the first. That was until my mother told me about Valentina Tereshkova  - who made it to space in 1963, a whole 30 years before my birth - that is, and then I went about setting myself a new dream because that fine woman rocked that one. 

It was then that I learned about Dr Stephen Hawking. I was instantly hooked. I didn't obviously understand his work yet, but that was my gateway to my passion in the world of Physics. And that was my dream, to be his assistant. I 'applied' for the role (by writing him a letter - of course) at just aged 12 and obviously I never got the job. It was then that I realised that no dream is too big, and out of reach. I mean, who else do you know has a letter from Stephen Hawking? 

So where did we lose that vitality? The enthusiasm to run in the door and tell your parents that you got an A+ on a test, or you made something cool in Art class? Or in my case, made a bridge out of spaghetti and marshmallows that could hold a weight (I was that kid okay...).   

As we get older our bills get higher, responsibilities become more apparent and the desire to reach for the stars becomes clouded. But why does this happen? 

Recently I feel like I found that passion again. May it be a line of positive circumstances or a shift of luck, I can now finally say that I am happy. Which is funny as I feel that me personal achievements right now are outweighing my professional achievements, and that feels great!

I have had a rough few years, and there were times that it felt like it couldn't get any worse. I got so lost in what was going on that I forgot to breathe. And I feel like that is essential to life. We all go through tough times, get so stressed out that we all feel like we can't see the end of the tunnel. That's life. But letting some of it go and learning how to breathe is what has kept me afloat.

I've learned how to live in every moment and cherish it. I used to be the person that was always on the go, I never stopped, looked at what I had and relished in it. I feel like now that I have a dog I am seeing her discover new experiences, and it has brought a new perspective. I know when to take a step back, look at the world and be grateful for every moment. Watching her live in every moment really made me think about how I should be living mine.  

So all you have to do is breathe right? Well yes, in theory. Be it a long walk or taking time out for yourself to gather your thoughts. Do what makes you happy. Take time out of every day, week and month to re-evaluate and release your tension. 

At the end of every day, when I'm just about to turn out the lamp and go to sleep, I look up at the stars and let my problems fall into perspective. If I place my problems in the star and then look at how small the star is, and how big space is, there is something about it that soothes me. That may sound ridiculous to you, and your way of relaxing may not work for me, and that's okay. You will find ways that work for you and when it does it will feel magical. I'm not saying that you will be insouciant overnight, but it will begin to ease over time.

However in the meantime, there are some things that I found helpful on this journey;

- What happens on Instagram is all for likes. No one lives that life. We all have bad days, but why would you broadcast them to the world? That's why lives on Instagram (or social media in general) look perfect. I believe that this trend in 'look what I have' media posting, breeds a generation that thrives on cupidity. We don't need everything we see on Instagram. And your life is worth a lot more than you think. Try and distance yourself from comparing your life to someone else's.

- Keep a diary on things that made you happy. Even if it is a note on your phone. I keep a list of memories that provoke happiness to me so that I am never too far away from a smile.

- Stop and smell the roses every once in a while. If you have an opportunity to do something then do it. And live it. Take pictures, share them with the world, relish in your moment. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to smile. 

- Never stop dreaming. Remember that kid? Let them out a little. May your dream be a pair of Prada pumps or to climb the career ladder. Always go for your dream, and never let anything get in the way of that.

- Find your happy place. And breathe.

You are worth more than what you give yourself credit for. You are a beautiful human and deserve all the happiness in the world. 

Breathe. You are doing just fine. 


TVC Wellness: For The Love of Dog Walks

I've always been a one for the great outdoors. There is nothing better for me to relieve the tensions of working in a busy city office than strapping on my boots and heading for the hills. 

Now that I have a puppy I feel like I am reliving it through her eyes all over again. Her experiences are so innocent, from running into a river or frolicking in the fields, she shares my need for the clean air. Her vitality for life warms my heart and gives me the OK that I am a good dog mom. 

Peach has already been a well-traveled pup. She has been more places than the average pup in her 14 weeks of existence. Giving her as many new experiences as I can give her develops such a hunger for being outdoors, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Since she is so small right now, she isn't on the elite stages of running with the big dogs...yet. As much as she would try and outrun them, she just doesn't know when to stop, and I don't want an injury on my team. I have to carry her every other half hour or so for around 10 minutes, or how long she will last before jumping out of my arms. I remember doing this once and a large man with his big dog laughed that I had a 'pampered princess pooch' - which I certainly do not. She runs with the boys and will beat them at their own games. Princess, she may be, but she certainly won't let that fool you.

I was so nervous the first time I let her jump in the river. I remember my heart racing as she dived in, wondering if it was a little too deep for her. I actually didn't mean to let her in that day, she just bolted after her friend's ball and never looked back!

I'm no expert in having a furry friend, I've had a few dogs in the past, yes, but I still wouldn't call myself an expert. Peach has ripped up everything that I knew about dogs and re-written the rule book her way. Which I wouldn't have expected any less. She is hot headed and stubborn, with a side of selective hearing (a bit like myself I hear my friends & family cry), but she will be the most obedient dog while out a walk. I believe that is something really important, not only for your walking experience but for other dogs and their humans. 

I always take a trusty backpack while I am out a hike. While I don't take the kitchen sink with me, I always like to keep a few things to hand while out a walk just in case...

  • Water bottle 
  • Folding bowl for Peach
  • Some treats for encouragement (not that she needs them, it's for if I feel I have to distract her)
  • Poop bags...
  • Extra lead 
  • First aid kit (modified for the pup, think lots of bandages and sterile fluid. This is a must for any walk)
  • Phone, card case, extra cash all wrapped up in a hair tie (the essentials as I am not taking my full wallet) 
  • Whistle (just in case her selective hearing comes into practice)
  • Tennis ball(s) 
On the way back I normally leave her towel in the car along with any bulky items as I am no more than 30 mins away from it. One thing that is always on me is my camera. I never leave without it and I have definitely been so thankful for the moments I have captured with her. 

All in all, I could write about walking with my dog for years. But you make your own experiences and you relish in them. Every walk is different and with every dog brings a new dynamic and if my dog is as happy with me as I am with her out a walk then I know I am doing something right.

Also...if she collapses into her bed like she does here then I have a happy dreaming puppy...