TVC Life: Reading List #1

Reading. We all have our favourites. I love the classics, Jane Austen, Brontë etc. I have a collection of books that fill both my bedroom and my spare room. It is my dream to have a library one day. 

Until that day I will always have my favourites. Some old and some new, but they all have a superlative significance to my life. 

Who doesn't love The Mindy Project? She's absolutely hilarious! Her book focuses on her journey at one of the life's curveballs. Her witty lines and anecdotes are what make this book such a feel good read. She is a fabulous and talented writer who promotes the 'girl power' message in a kick ass method. 

Written by the man behind 'The Night Manager', this book is one of my favourites. It's not the most rib-tickling books of all time. But if you like a classic, tourbillion read then this one is for you. Set in one of the iciest days of the Cold War, the plot focuses on a doughty spy-focused on catching a mole buried into the heart of the Moscow State Circus in a purgatory fashion. Thrilling and transmogrifying right until the end, this is one that you will not be able to put down. 

The GG is an all time classic. But I must admit, I hated this book when I was made to study it in high school. I just didn't get why people loved it, I thought it was crass and gormless. But then very recently I bought it on a whim as I didn't have it in my collection. So I gave it a read, and I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with the amative and sexy nature of the story. And I believe you will too. 

My girl Susan has got my back. I was given this book when I was feeling rather down. I was seen as somewhat of a frangible person. I had been through a rough patch and I had a distinct fear of being out on my own, ironic as I am a somewhat insular person. But this was more than before. The book breaks down the need for fear, the stem, the root and the seed. I was never a one for a 'self-help' style due to my incessant stubbornness, but I now am somewhat insouciant through what this book taught me. I feel it is one for a read regardless of your anxiety level. It will always be an ever present skill that I have to hand. 

No, I'm not your mother telling you to tidy your apartment. I'm sorry for even giving you that anxiety. We have all had days when we look at what we have and think about when it was last in use. The great thing about TLCMOT is that it teaches you to live minimally, clean and efficient. Not only will this help you to regain control of your clutter but it will help to reduce your carbon footprint, by understanding the meaning of 'need'. The more things we control usage of- the less we have to buy and that means in a less of production and emissions. It's a great read if you feel you are in a rut and have no way of getting out of it.

My dear Harper has provided me with my favourite book of all time. I have read it tentatively and repetitively since I was 12 and I have never been let down by it. A beautiful story that showcases the lack of egalitarianism in the world at that time that is portrayed through the words of an innocent little girl. At the time it showed a small hope for humanity and their choices, that racism has the chance to be eradicated. But now it shows just how far we have come in this world. And hopefully, can continue. 


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