TVC Wellness: For The Love of Dog Walks

I've always been a one for the great outdoors. There is nothing better for me to relieve the tensions of working in a busy city office than strapping on my boots and heading for the hills. 

Now that I have a puppy I feel like I am reliving it through her eyes all over again. Her experiences are so innocent, from running into a river or frolicking in the fields, she shares my need for the clean air. Her vitality for life warms my heart and gives me the OK that I am a good dog mom. 

Peach has already been a well-traveled pup. She has been more places than the average pup in her 14 weeks of existence. Giving her as many new experiences as I can give her develops such a hunger for being outdoors, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Since she is so small right now, she isn't on the elite stages of running with the big dogs...yet. As much as she would try and outrun them, she just doesn't know when to stop, and I don't want an injury on my team. I have to carry her every other half hour or so for around 10 minutes, or how long she will last before jumping out of my arms. I remember doing this once and a large man with his big dog laughed that I had a 'pampered princess pooch' - which I certainly do not. She runs with the boys and will beat them at their own games. Princess, she may be, but she certainly won't let that fool you.

I was so nervous the first time I let her jump in the river. I remember my heart racing as she dived in, wondering if it was a little too deep for her. I actually didn't mean to let her in that day, she just bolted after her friend's ball and never looked back!

I'm no expert in having a furry friend, I've had a few dogs in the past, yes, but I still wouldn't call myself an expert. Peach has ripped up everything that I knew about dogs and re-written the rule book her way. Which I wouldn't have expected any less. She is hot headed and stubborn, with a side of selective hearing (a bit like myself I hear my friends & family cry), but she will be the most obedient dog while out a walk. I believe that is something really important, not only for your walking experience but for other dogs and their humans. 

I always take a trusty backpack while I am out a hike. While I don't take the kitchen sink with me, I always like to keep a few things to hand while out a walk just in case...

  • Water bottle 
  • Folding bowl for Peach
  • Some treats for encouragement (not that she needs them, it's for if I feel I have to distract her)
  • Poop bags...
  • Extra lead 
  • First aid kit (modified for the pup, think lots of bandages and sterile fluid. This is a must for any walk)
  • Phone, card case, extra cash all wrapped up in a hair tie (the essentials as I am not taking my full wallet) 
  • Whistle (just in case her selective hearing comes into practice)
  • Tennis ball(s) 
On the way back I normally leave her towel in the car along with any bulky items as I am no more than 30 mins away from it. One thing that is always on me is my camera. I never leave without it and I have definitely been so thankful for the moments I have captured with her. 

All in all, I could write about walking with my dog for years. But you make your own experiences and you relish in them. Every walk is different and with every dog brings a new dynamic and if my dog is as happy with me as I am with her out a walk then I know I am doing something right.

Also...if she collapses into her bed like she does here then I have a happy dreaming puppy...


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