TVC Beauty: Chanel Lip Lusts

I'm someone who can't resist the Chanel counter. I just can't. I have so many products from Chanel that I really should be showing some restraint. But alas, I can't - all the better to show you guys my hits and misses then!

I have four lipsticks that I am in love with. I really think that Chanel are best at cool nudes and pillar box reds - I haven't ventured into coral or plum shades with my makeup. Which I personally think are the best for maintaining a classy look.

Going from top to bottom, first up is 'Mademoiselle'. It is matte, nice dark rosy nude. It's perfect for Autumn days and transmission seasons.

Our pillar box action going on here is the shade 'Gabrielle'. I actually bought this specifically for a job interview. Which is strange for me as I never usually wear red at all, but it was a last minute purchase and was swiped on in the ladies bathroom and the rest was history. (-10 points for an awful antidote. Also got the job). Anyway its creamy, sheen and not too matte. I really like it. Not just because it's lucky.

Next up is the newest of my collection in the form of the classic 'your lips but better shade', 'Adrienne'. I wear this the majority of my week. It's a good around staple that you know will last all day. Big points to Anna Saccone for recommending it.

And lastly, we have 'Boy'. The only Rouge Coco Shine I have from Chanel. (Not totally true, I have 3 other backups of it once it's notoriously hard to find.) Boy is the kind of shade that you would be wearing on a first date, or for a confidence boost. For me anyway. It was the shade I was wearing when I met my own boyfriend so it holds a very special place. It's not as long lasting (I'm talking normal wear and tear here...minds out the gutter folks) as the other three, but it really is something pretty stunning. One to wear and create memories.