If any of you are like me and were a major lover of Sex and the City, you would know that initial jewelry became a major trend during and after the series had ended.

I was no different when it came to the hysteria. In fact, I welcomed it with open arms.

I have an oddly spelled name. Mollie. You may have seen "Molly" or the likes of "Millie" or even the similar sounding "Holly" on the personalized scale, but never Mollie.

(Cue violin music..)

Which is why I never had a pen with my name on it as a kid. Or a pencil case or a badge or anything. Sure they had all the exotic spellings of "Megan, Meghan Meagan's" and "Amy, Ami & Amie's" but Mollie was just never to be found.

So when I saw the infamous Carrie bloomin' Bradshaw stepping out with a big ol' 'C' on a chain - I prayed for a solid week for it to be a trend.

And luckily it did.

So in comes the beautiful British brand, Astrid & Miyu. They focus on elegant, understated jewelry pieces, with a fashion cool-girl edge.

And I finally have my Carrie Bradshaw items!

I'm totally in love with these little 'M & M's' (you know I was waiting to say it...). They are so beautiful and understated that I can wear them every day, yet they have such a high fashion edge that the will fit with any outfit.

The both retail at £39 each and also have a matching earring set and a cuff (pictured top above) in three colours, gold, silver & rose gold and in all initials from a-z.

I'm really quickly becoming a massive fan of Astrid & Miyu, as their designs are just so different to anything else on the market right now.

They even do zodiac signs & other personalised items that would surely make the perfect gift. Not to scare you or anything folks but Christmas is now less than 100 days away.

Check them out and see what perfect gifts & gems you uncover!


TVC STYLE: Fashion Week Edition

Fashion week is well and truly underway and if you are anything like me, you will already be shopping the latest from the likes of Net-a-Porter.

And that is exactly what I have done. I have yet again made a dent in my credit card whilst I shop the latest trends straight off the catwalk. In my last post, I talked about how playing up different textures is key to nailing A/W styling - with that in mind, I found a few pieces that really emulate this...

Look 1: Suede & Silk

Givenchy Velvet Bomber Jacket - £2,690
KÉJI Chanel Silk Skirt - £490
Michael Kors Turtleneck - £465
Prada Tassel Sandals - £755
Aerin Beauty Lipstick in Cabana - £26

Look 2: Blush & Blazers

Balmain Velvet Blazer - £650
Vince Satin Camisole - £200
Chinti & Parker Cropped Wide Leg Pants - £250
Thierry Lassy Sunglasses - £340
Balenciaga Classic City Tote - £1195

I love the key elements in these looks due to the play up of different textures and keeping in the same colour tones. For the rarest time ever, we are finally seeing straight off the runway trends that are perfectly and easily replicated on the streets.

That being said if you are skeptical or not as confident, sticking to a neutral/monochromatic colour palette will make the trend easier to perfect. Let the textures talk and leave the clashing prints on the runway.

With that in mind, I have already seen this being emulated via the high street, so watch out for big trends hitting your shopping malls. Which is great in itself that they are already having a high turnaround. I am predicting big things for this A/W.

Happy shopping!

(Ps. If someone could confiscate my credit card then that would be great! Thanks in advance!)


TVC STYLE: 5 Things I Learned From London Fashion Week

Fashion week is the time when you see stressed out journalists (like myself) running around in heels with her Macbook in one had and a extra strong Americano in the other, fretting about if they have enough coverage for the shows, blogs, and social media posts to last them the duration of the week.

And we love it. We even do it twice a year because we love it so much!

And this year was no exception. LFW, you were boss.

Let's get cracking then...

1) Maximalism

We waved 'later pal' to the 90's minimalism trends and embraced the full on 'more is more' with brightly patterned prints, layered items and block heels that will turn heads. Its certainly not for the fashion shy amongst us, this was for the brave. And I salute you.

For the more 'street savvy' shoppers, this look can be achieved by simply layering more pieces on to each other. Think floral dresses over jumpers, heavy coats over detailed pretty dresses etc. The key look here is layering. And its easy to do now the Autumn is coming in thick and fast.

2) Ready-To-Wear

After the shows we had designers like Burberry, Tom Ford and Michael Kors making their key pieces available right after the show. This ensued panic buying let me tell you!

We didn't have to wait for it to hit the stores it was there right at our faces. I predict this will follow through to the high street with their version of Fashion Month's hit soon to be in stores no later than the end of the month.

3) Check Mate - Ruffle My Feathers - Velvet Noir

Plaid, check, tartan, you name it was all over LFW. A key trend for the Scottish and Lumberjacks amongst us was certainly the inspiration.

Ruffles also 'plaid' a huge part too, with it being a key element in the layering trend to create texture and peak interest in the colder months.

Also a hit was dark vampy velvet. Something I wasn't so keen on, but again it was playing up the texture and drama element that will be a firm favourite with the high street favourites, Topshop, Misguided and River Island.

4) High Necklines & Sparkles

A trend that never tires come A/W is a good ol' turtleneck. And they are increasing in popularity. The key trend with this was to pair a chunky high neck with a flowing bottom half. Think Disney princess in winter. We saw a lot of high chunky knits with elegant skirts - which again created texture in abundance.

Sparkles have their place this time of year. However this time we were focusing on refined elegance when it comes to the bling. No harsh, brassy sequins - we were focusing on fairy dust and magic.

5) Fresh Faces & A Bold Lip

Nothing new here. We saw full on textured hair, with barely there makeup and either a coral or berry matte lip. Its an A/W staple.

If there were something on the eyes it would be a wash of grey shadow with little to no definition.

You can rock this at home by investing in a good texturising hairspray to big-up straight locks or a ponytail, and creating a flawless makeup base by using an illuminating primer to ensure a 'lit from within' glow.


All-in-all I was incredibly impressed by this year. We had some stand out moments from Julien Macdonald and Alexander McQueen which I am sure will go down in fashion history. We had a lot of accessible items and easily emulated trends from the designer and high street scale that proved that the fashion houses are finally listening to us when it comes to our style.

That being said, Paris Fashion Week has still to come and I predict a rule book rip up!


TVC LIFE: Why I'm declaring #SquadGoals dead

Ah #SquadGoals. You served us well in a period of continuous 'It-Girl' feuds.  You asked and answered the most 'important' questions to date such as, 'who was sitting next to who at the VMAS?' and my personal favourite, 'she said what about her on Twitter?!'.

But all in all the #SqaudGoals should have been an non starter. Because in reality, it was a big pretty pile of bullsh*t.

In reality we retorted back to 2006 when Mean Girls was a thing and we all hated Tom Cruise for jumping on Oprah's couch, Britney was showing signs of a meltdown and I started high school.

No one. I repeat, NO ONE wants to go back to 2006.

So why did we suddenly jump for joy when Taylor Swift appeared at every red carpet event with her 20 girl steady 'squad'? We relinquished in the fact that it was the 'year of the woman' and 'woo go Hilary' but in actual fact all we were doing was celebrating glorified b*tches.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were in a feud. We got it. Twitter will never let us forget it. Taylor created the #SquadGoals as the equivalent to the mean girls table with a 'you can't sit with us' eye-roll and a hair flick. And we let her. We even thought she was empowering.

For the last year due to the #SquadGoals effect (ugh.), Katy Perry hasn't seen the light of day. That chick was in her glory days before that. Headlining the Super Bowl '15, her 'Prism' tour - that girl was rockin' it. Then the squad tore her down.

The #SquadGoals movement was never empowering. All we did was great a glossy girl gang of America's it-girls that spread their mentality across the world, leaving young girls think it was okay to have a #squad to gang up on their high school version of Katy Perry.

We didn't empower women. We made bullying fashionable.

In the year we could possibly have the most powerful women at the forefront of our political stances. The year where we tirelessly campaigned for equal rights and #BlackLivesMatter. And the year where more women than ever won (and even competed) in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, (shoutout to the 40 out of 61 medals won by Team GB's women at the Paralympic games - you rock my ladies!), it should have been our year. But Taylor, Lena and Amy ruined it with the #SquadGoals.

So how can we fix it?

For one we can stop using the forsaken hashtag. Or at least use it in a positive setting. We can stop singling out women for being different. This was the year of people like Winnie Harlow, Misty Copeland, Alessia Cara, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Beyonce, Mhari Black, Simone Biles, Nicola Sturgeon, Michele Obama and so many, many more. These women and the like are the women we should be rooting for. These women do not tear other women down. They do not form #Squads against other women.

These are the women to lead us into a new era. Be a part of that. Be a kind human. Be the change.


TVC STYLE: Tommy x Gigi

Gigi Hadid is easily one of the most influential models of our time. Popping up on runways all over the world, she has definitely solidified her spot on fashion's radar.

She's clean, elegant and fresh. And she's slaying the game.

Gigi is the girl that a lot of my generation aspire to emulate. With her (incredibly deserved) hype, and her #squadgoals - it was no surprise when the news broke that she was now the new face of Tommy Hilfiger. A brand, like herself, that encompasses the beauty of the 'All-American Girl'.

The collection is everything that you would expect it to be, but with some serious high fashion one-offs. A strong but appropriate sailor-girl vibe is current throughout the entire collection.

It's incredibly emasculating of the 'All-American Girl' style, but with an almost vintage twist. I personally think it is stunning. As a woman myself who's colour palette when it comes to style is a strict mix of blue, black, white and khaki - I fully struggled into putting my credit card down and not running up a high bill.

I designed a look from the collection out of my favourite items that would be most appropriate for me on a daily basis.

My uniform is essentially a pair of ripped jeans, a striped t-shirt and a leather jacket/blazer. So it was incredibly easy for the new collection to fit right into my wardrobe and I feel that it will have the same effect for most people as it is purely re-invented basics with a nautical twist.

I am obsessed with the cute mini-bag in the collection. It just screams 'Labour Day' party appropriate.  And the booties channel my inner 'cool-girl' vibe that I am desperately trying to master.

Gigi, in my opinion, was the best girl for Tommy to invite to create a collection this stunning. Tommy Hilfiger has been a brand that I have worn throughout my life, mainly down to its easy, but stylish yet wearable aesthetic. Gigi has these qualities in abundance and she created a beautiful range.

Another highlight of the campaign was the release of their new fragrance, The Girl. Which Gigi is, of course, the poster girl for the launch.

As a teen, I was obsessed with the 'Tommy Girl' fragrance. I thought it was a nice crisp and clean scent that was miles away from the sugary-sweet perfumes aimed at my age group. I felt incredibly sophisticated.

This has the same vibe - but again more sophisticated. It's the perfect fragrance for not only this time of the year, but for an effortless signature scent.

With that in mind go check out the collection now! Its most certainly perfect for everyone and I am sure that you will all manage to find an item that will easily become your favourite.

The launch of the collection has been somewhat inspiring. A breath of fresh air for modern, millennial women like myself. It lets us live with no limits and be unapologetically individual. Tommy yet again killed it with his new collection - and with that, I have some shopping to do!

Tommy made me do it!




TVC STYLE: Sparkle with APM Monaco

An accessory finishes off an outfit. It can be a statement or a little touch to create maximum impact. Personally, I prefer the latter.

So when I found a company that houses understated but on trend jewellery, I couldn't help but squeal.

As some of you may know I am somewhat obsessed with stars. I find hope from looking at the sky, so when I was sent the latest collection from APM Monaco, I was over the moon. (pardon the pun!)

The 'meteorites' line features key items to update any outfit. I have been kindly given two items from the range which I love!

The earring and ring (£69 & £53 respectively) are two of the best selling from the range. And it's not hard to see why. Both highly polished and with stones set in a stunning fashion.

I love the idea with the singular earring, pair it with either a pearl or a diamond stud for a chic and edgy look.

I'd love it if you checked out the line and tell me what your favourite piece is in the range!

Follow APM Monaco on Instagram & Twitter for serious fashion envy!


TVC Girl Talk: How Not To Be A Grown Up

Recently I saw some comments on a website that featured a picture of Beyonce and her beautiful little daughter, Blue Ivy at the VMA's.

And while the general just was the support for Bey creating a wonderful 'princess moment' for her daughter, there were an overwhelming amount of comments about the young girl's appearance. Yes, she is not an ordinary little girl. And yes we can argue that we didn't all get to go to events where we can dress up like a princess in thousands of dollars worth of clothes.

But why should grown women exert their own self-depreciating comments on a young girl? Have some women progressed to feeling that low about themselves that they have to make a CHILD feel bad about her appearance?

No wonder that our daughters are growing up with image anxieties.

I feared that it would get this bad one day. The anonymous of social media is giving self-loathing people the power to project their hurt to make others feel bad - and as a result making the bully feel better.

It's simply not okay. It is not okay to violate a child's feelings as a direct result of your own jealousy. So what if she is Beyonce's daughter? So damn what if she has a closet that can rival Kim K's. She is a little girl - who didn't deserve to hear your opinion.

It's sadly becoming a common theme recently, with Kim Kardashian's daughter constantly bearing the brunt from vilipendency comments. I even remember being in my teens and reading glossy magazines, stumbling across yet another feature on Katie Holmes's daughter wearing heels.

Giving a mother your opinion about her child - regardless of whether you think is right or not - is none of your damn business. You may have gotten to the age of adulthood and a recent graduate from the Univeristy of Life, but your opinion on how another woman should dress her child or dress herself is not welcome.

To be a nation of empowered women, we have to empower women. We have to acknowledge our insecurities and our faults and deal with them like grown ups. Not acting like a kid in a playground and knocking over a friend's ice cream because you don't have one.

So what if you think her skirt is a little short? Who gives a damn if her hair is blue & purple? Oh, you think she's 'just got one of they b*tchy faces' do you? Here's a thought, keep it to yourself. I can guarantee you that that woman is happy in her own skin, hair and clothes - and she doesn't need you to tear her down.

It's time for us to step up and act like women. Real women. We constantly give men sh*t for not acting like 'real' men - but what about us? We owe it to ourselves to empower our own selves and our daughters to be at one with our bodies, minds and to encourage others regardless of our own personal successes.

Embrace the transmogrification. Enlighten the bumptious with uplifting words. And encourage the tedious to emancipate and grow.

We are all fighting our own battles. Each and every one of us has days where we would happily stay under the duvet. We all suck at somethings. But we are all human - and we have to stick together.

And with that all I ask is that you say something inspiring to someone today. We all need motivation, so start the trend and watch it blossom.



London. The LA of Britain. Somewhere that I was programmed to distain with abundance. But I actually grew to find the beauty in the city that took my breath away.

Now that London Fashion Week is slowly creeping up on our calendars - it's a good time to have your travel guide down and on point.

Let's start shall we?


I stayed at the Aloft London Excel. Personally I think it was fantastic - it was just outside of the noise an hubbub that I felt nice and calm, but was only a short tube ride to the city centre. 

Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge is a good shout if you are looking for a good all rounder.

If budget blowing is your thing however, it has to be The Ritz. You've heard the stories - and you have to make your own. 

Special shout out goes out to Claridge's. Because it is so iconic. 


Selfridges was one of the first places that I hit up in the big smoke. I was cautious not to blow my budget in there all in one go, but its pretty and will kill a few hours. 

Liberty London is the top one for me though. It combines a beautiful vintage exterior, housing the finest new brands. Its one to get lost in.


If the shiny stores and the hustle and bustle isn't your thing then taking a stroll through Canary Wharf is the perfect way to people watch and absorb culture. 

Walking round Chelsea and feeling like I am on the set on MIC was also on my to-do, it is impressive and its is as beautiful as they make it look on TV - so it's worth a go. 

There aren't many parts of London that aren't pretty. There are so many opportunities that are on every corner for a photo opportunity. 

The point of this post isn't that I am going to tell you where to go. I'm sharing where I stumbled upon aimlessly on my trip to London. I think that is where the best memories are made. So wander aimlessly. Fall in love with the city and create your own travel guide with an open mind.