TVC Girl Talk: How Not To Be A Grown Up

Recently I saw some comments on a website that featured a picture of Beyonce and her beautiful little daughter, Blue Ivy at the VMA's.

And while the general just was the support for Bey creating a wonderful 'princess moment' for her daughter, there were an overwhelming amount of comments about the young girl's appearance. Yes, she is not an ordinary little girl. And yes we can argue that we didn't all get to go to events where we can dress up like a princess in thousands of dollars worth of clothes.

But why should grown women exert their own self-depreciating comments on a young girl? Have some women progressed to feeling that low about themselves that they have to make a CHILD feel bad about her appearance?

No wonder that our daughters are growing up with image anxieties.

I feared that it would get this bad one day. The anonymous of social media is giving self-loathing people the power to project their hurt to make others feel bad - and as a result making the bully feel better.

It's simply not okay. It is not okay to violate a child's feelings as a direct result of your own jealousy. So what if she is Beyonce's daughter? So damn what if she has a closet that can rival Kim K's. She is a little girl - who didn't deserve to hear your opinion.

It's sadly becoming a common theme recently, with Kim Kardashian's daughter constantly bearing the brunt from vilipendency comments. I even remember being in my teens and reading glossy magazines, stumbling across yet another feature on Katie Holmes's daughter wearing heels.

Giving a mother your opinion about her child - regardless of whether you think is right or not - is none of your damn business. You may have gotten to the age of adulthood and a recent graduate from the Univeristy of Life, but your opinion on how another woman should dress her child or dress herself is not welcome.

To be a nation of empowered women, we have to empower women. We have to acknowledge our insecurities and our faults and deal with them like grown ups. Not acting like a kid in a playground and knocking over a friend's ice cream because you don't have one.

So what if you think her skirt is a little short? Who gives a damn if her hair is blue & purple? Oh, you think she's 'just got one of they b*tchy faces' do you? Here's a thought, keep it to yourself. I can guarantee you that that woman is happy in her own skin, hair and clothes - and she doesn't need you to tear her down.

It's time for us to step up and act like women. Real women. We constantly give men sh*t for not acting like 'real' men - but what about us? We owe it to ourselves to empower our own selves and our daughters to be at one with our bodies, minds and to encourage others regardless of our own personal successes.

Embrace the transmogrification. Enlighten the bumptious with uplifting words. And encourage the tedious to emancipate and grow.

We are all fighting our own battles. Each and every one of us has days where we would happily stay under the duvet. We all suck at somethings. But we are all human - and we have to stick together.

And with that all I ask is that you say something inspiring to someone today. We all need motivation, so start the trend and watch it blossom.


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