TVC LIFE: Why I'm declaring #SquadGoals dead

Ah #SquadGoals. You served us well in a period of continuous 'It-Girl' feuds.  You asked and answered the most 'important' questions to date such as, 'who was sitting next to who at the VMAS?' and my personal favourite, 'she said what about her on Twitter?!'.

But all in all the #SqaudGoals should have been an non starter. Because in reality, it was a big pretty pile of bullsh*t.

In reality we retorted back to 2006 when Mean Girls was a thing and we all hated Tom Cruise for jumping on Oprah's couch, Britney was showing signs of a meltdown and I started high school.

No one. I repeat, NO ONE wants to go back to 2006.

So why did we suddenly jump for joy when Taylor Swift appeared at every red carpet event with her 20 girl steady 'squad'? We relinquished in the fact that it was the 'year of the woman' and 'woo go Hilary' but in actual fact all we were doing was celebrating glorified b*tches.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were in a feud. We got it. Twitter will never let us forget it. Taylor created the #SquadGoals as the equivalent to the mean girls table with a 'you can't sit with us' eye-roll and a hair flick. And we let her. We even thought she was empowering.

For the last year due to the #SquadGoals effect (ugh.), Katy Perry hasn't seen the light of day. That chick was in her glory days before that. Headlining the Super Bowl '15, her 'Prism' tour - that girl was rockin' it. Then the squad tore her down.

The #SquadGoals movement was never empowering. All we did was great a glossy girl gang of America's it-girls that spread their mentality across the world, leaving young girls think it was okay to have a #squad to gang up on their high school version of Katy Perry.

We didn't empower women. We made bullying fashionable.

In the year we could possibly have the most powerful women at the forefront of our political stances. The year where we tirelessly campaigned for equal rights and #BlackLivesMatter. And the year where more women than ever won (and even competed) in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, (shoutout to the 40 out of 61 medals won by Team GB's women at the Paralympic games - you rock my ladies!), it should have been our year. But Taylor, Lena and Amy ruined it with the #SquadGoals.

So how can we fix it?

For one we can stop using the forsaken hashtag. Or at least use it in a positive setting. We can stop singling out women for being different. This was the year of people like Winnie Harlow, Misty Copeland, Alessia Cara, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Beyonce, Mhari Black, Simone Biles, Nicola Sturgeon, Michele Obama and so many, many more. These women and the like are the women we should be rooting for. These women do not tear other women down. They do not form #Squads against other women.

These are the women to lead us into a new era. Be a part of that. Be a kind human. Be the change.


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