If any of you are like me and were a major lover of Sex and the City, you would know that initial jewelry became a major trend during and after the series had ended.

I was no different when it came to the hysteria. In fact, I welcomed it with open arms.

I have an oddly spelled name. Mollie. You may have seen "Molly" or the likes of "Millie" or even the similar sounding "Holly" on the personalized scale, but never Mollie.

(Cue violin music..)

Which is why I never had a pen with my name on it as a kid. Or a pencil case or a badge or anything. Sure they had all the exotic spellings of "Megan, Meghan Meagan's" and "Amy, Ami & Amie's" but Mollie was just never to be found.

So when I saw the infamous Carrie bloomin' Bradshaw stepping out with a big ol' 'C' on a chain - I prayed for a solid week for it to be a trend.

And luckily it did.

So in comes the beautiful British brand, Astrid & Miyu. They focus on elegant, understated jewelry pieces, with a fashion cool-girl edge.

And I finally have my Carrie Bradshaw items!

I'm totally in love with these little 'M & M's' (you know I was waiting to say it...). They are so beautiful and understated that I can wear them every day, yet they have such a high fashion edge that the will fit with any outfit.

The both retail at £39 each and also have a matching earring set and a cuff (pictured top above) in three colours, gold, silver & rose gold and in all initials from a-z.

I'm really quickly becoming a massive fan of Astrid & Miyu, as their designs are just so different to anything else on the market right now.

They even do zodiac signs & other personalised items that would surely make the perfect gift. Not to scare you or anything folks but Christmas is now less than 100 days away.

Check them out and see what perfect gifts & gems you uncover!


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