London. The LA of Britain. Somewhere that I was programmed to distain with abundance. But I actually grew to find the beauty in the city that took my breath away.

Now that London Fashion Week is slowly creeping up on our calendars - it's a good time to have your travel guide down and on point.

Let's start shall we?


I stayed at the Aloft London Excel. Personally I think it was fantastic - it was just outside of the noise an hubbub that I felt nice and calm, but was only a short tube ride to the city centre. 

Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge is a good shout if you are looking for a good all rounder.

If budget blowing is your thing however, it has to be The Ritz. You've heard the stories - and you have to make your own. 

Special shout out goes out to Claridge's. Because it is so iconic. 


Selfridges was one of the first places that I hit up in the big smoke. I was cautious not to blow my budget in there all in one go, but its pretty and will kill a few hours. 

Liberty London is the top one for me though. It combines a beautiful vintage exterior, housing the finest new brands. Its one to get lost in.


If the shiny stores and the hustle and bustle isn't your thing then taking a stroll through Canary Wharf is the perfect way to people watch and absorb culture. 

Walking round Chelsea and feeling like I am on the set on MIC was also on my to-do, it is impressive and its is as beautiful as they make it look on TV - so it's worth a go. 

There aren't many parts of London that aren't pretty. There are so many opportunities that are on every corner for a photo opportunity. 

The point of this post isn't that I am going to tell you where to go. I'm sharing where I stumbled upon aimlessly on my trip to London. I think that is where the best memories are made. So wander aimlessly. Fall in love with the city and create your own travel guide with an open mind.


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