The Beauty Edit: 7 Things You NEED For the Party Season

The party season is looming upon us! Before we know it we will be at the office party watching our (normally rather quiet) managers dancing on tables and cringing the next morning.

However, there is one thing that goes hand-in-hand with the party season, and that my friends is makeup-on-the-go.

In my party edit, I have compiled a smorgasbord of handy dandies to get you through the surprise drinks after work and the 'OMG makeup meltdowns' before parties. It's okay girl, I got you.

First off you will need a mini brush set (preferably with dual ended brushes) in a cute case for last minute touch ups. Bobbi Brown make some of the best on the market and are fantastic value for money. Plus, you will gain points from your work wifey when you look like you totally have the situation under control.

Before I touch on makeup - skincare and fragrance are equally this important. Now I'm not going to lecture you on the subject of taking care of your skin (I'll leave that to your grandmother) I will share a few things that make it all a little easier.

A good fragrance is super important this time of year. And while everyone else is throwing away the floral scents in hope of dark amber & musk for winter, you'll find me sticking to the lighter & less offensive smells. Why may you ask? Well if you are anything like me the mere whiff of patchouli/musk/amber makes me super nauseous, and if you sit next to me with something like that on then I will more than likely have to move to save your shoes from throw up.

So when you are in a room filled with people wearing a mishmash of certain 'musky' winter scents, it all leaves me feeling a little light headed and sprinting out the door - and that's without a drink!

Therefore I like to stick to something clean, elegant and less offensive that won't put up a fight against the likes of 'FlowerBomb', 'Black Orchid' or my least personal favorite, the dreaded 'Angel'.

Skincare is also as important this time of year. Facial oils are something that has taken the beauty world by a storm this year and it is easy to see why. With a blend of oils to keep skin nourished, it starts paying itself after all they late nights, the cold air, the constant application & removal of makeup - facial oils are worth their weight in gold. Throw in a thick hand cream and you will be fighting the winter chill with no effort required.

When it comes to ready to go makeup, think compacts. A handy little cube with as much of your face makeup packed into it as possible. Again companies like Bobbi Brown and Nars do this so well. Look for a compact with at least two different functions, eg, eyeshadow & lipstick or blushes & bronzers, they will save a heap of space in your makeup bag.

Also if you are squeezing in individual products, aim for thin compact packaging. Marc Jacobs are experts in sleek & streamlined cases here, and they are perfect for one the go applications.

And lastly, if you are like me and are a part of the GHD religion, then here's a trick I learned from a former work colleague (yes Hannah, all eyes on you!). Keep a pair of straighteners in your drawer at work. Sounds super crazy to be taking up valuable drawer real estate but hear me out here. Think, it's a rainy morning, you've been blown about nine ways to Sunday and your hair is less that flawless as it was when you left the house. Keeping a little mirror, a brush and your GHD's at your desk eliminates the post-commute frizz and keeps you feeling a little more put together than why you first came in - it only takes a few minutes to sort out your hair and everyone will be wondering how they never thought of it before.

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