Change is great in my opinion. Here at HQ we were feeling inspired to change, create even better content and become the media powerhouse that we have always dreamed of.

I started my site (which you will all know), The Vogue Chronicles, six years ago in my bedroom. SIX. I've loved and laughed my way through those years with a sense of melancholy and blissfully unaware of any negative vibes.

However, something changed that. Our name. The Vogue Chronicles. It was being tarnished by a publication of a similar name and nature, forcing all our hard work in the bin and into losing our company.

I cried. And I couldn't stop crying. Everything I had worked for to build my company was gone. The Vogue Chronicles was more than a 'silly online blog', it was my lifestyle, my hub and my place on the internet that I had created with like-minded people in mind to share content and inspire others.

Contrary to the words I was hastily barked at in light of this information, The Vogue Chronicles were not bootleggers on a famous publication's fame. We were not copycats. We were a strong, independent, and mature company who believed in the beautiful things in life. Not to make money. Not to find fame. And not to bring anyone else down.

But most of all, we can see that change is, in fact, good.

In light of that, this is all I have to say as a rebuttal on the matter;

"You can fear the rise of the bloggers, you can even try and tear us down. But bloggers are what is keeping media alive. You may say that "street style is killing high fashion", but I say fuck that, get over it. We are here now and we here to stay. Listen to your audience and embrace the change."

The change gives you the chance to reinvent yourself, your life and how you want to be portrayed.

So I say this. We are all Wednesday's. And this my friends, this is your edit.

I know that you are all supportive. I know that none of you will tear me down. I hope that this can inspire you all to always stand up for what you believe in, your rights and how you want to be perceived.

I have created The Wednesday Edit with you all in mind. I am embracing the change. With a new name comes new content and a new schedule, but we will have the same feeling as you all know and love from us.

So we will have to bid The Vogue Chronicles adieu for now. It was a great run and I am terribly fond of the name that brought me into this world. But alas we have now to say goodbye, but we will come back fighting even stronger.

Well, where does that leave us? With a snazzy new name and better content. However, I hear you cry for 'TVC'. Well, we are keeping that. You will still have your fashion, beauty and lifestyle roundups. You'll still hear about what I am loving and where I think is great for a city break. It's the same ol' layout just with a few more bells and whistles!

I would now love to introduce you to 'The Wednesday's Edits"

The Life Edit - Every 2nd Friday
The Monthly Edit - Every last Saturday

We also have new social media links;

All I can say to you all who have followed me for all these years is thank you. Thank you so much for building me up and commenting, liking and generally just being the best people that I have ever known. You are all fantastic and I am well and truly sorry for what has happened. I tried to fight against it, but I decided to embrace the change. I hope you all can to and welcome home to your patch of the internet, The Wednesday Edit.

Here's to the next adventure! 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart


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