Magnum are iconic when it comes to luxury treats. Constantly creating tantalising flavours while constantly reinventing the classics makes sure that the are at the height of British confectionary.

Some of us (myself included) couldn't make it down to London to visit their #PleasureStore -  a creation hub for ice cream enthusiasts to create their dream Magnum.

Now Magnum has created a campaign to show us how to create our #DreamMagnum at home.

My #DreamMagnum would be a caramel Magnum with drizzled chocolate, salted caramel and a flurry of crushed meringues and other lovely things - and maybe an extra drizzle of caramel!

First I melted my chocolate and drizzled it on my Magnum,

Then I added my toppings, followed by and extra drizzle.

And it is really that simple to create my #DreamMagnum - and it was delicious. I mean someone had to eat was melting of course!

Why don't you visit the Dream Magnum page and show us how you create your #DreamMagnum using the hashtags;

#DreamMagnum & #Magnum

And be sure to follow them on Instagram & Twitter at;

@magnum & @magnumuk

And with that, I have some indulgence to catch up on!


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