The Gifting Edit: Luxury Buys Under £500

We all want to give our loved ones a showstopper of a gift. May it be a future heirloom or a stylish new handbag, I'm sure we can all cherish the look on the recipients face when they unwrap a good'un.

I am no different, but sometimes I like to treat myself...okay maybe more than just "sometimes". I have a wishlist as long as my arm with an array of designer bags and cozy coats to even luxe beauty and skincare products.

But I do have a semi-realistic price range. As much as I would love to blow £1000s on a new Givenchy Antigonia bag when I feel like it, I just can't justify it - nor afford it! Therefore I love to indulge in little luxuries that all add up to give the impression that I really have my sh*t together! I mean, accessories make an outfit right?

Plus...who doesn't love a little snip of designer now and then?!

With that in mind, this edit is for all of you who love the little luxuries to treat your friends and family or even your lucky self. May it be a splurge of the moment item or one to save for, each product on my wishlist will guarantee a very, very happy smile!

And with that, I think it's about time I treated is Christmas after all!

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