The Home Edit: Luxury Interiors


Interior design is something that is constantly on my mind right row. With my office slowly but surely starting to take shape, I've spent the last few weeks knee deep in paint swatches and fabric samples. And I've loved every single second of it.

The Beauty Edit: The Perfect Lip Colour For Olive Skin

Us olive skin girls have it hard. While we may be blessed with good skin, good hair and tan impeccably well, but we all share the same common problem which is finding a lip colour that actually suits us. And at that, finding a nude one.

The Fashion Edit: The Best Luxury Bags

January. The Monday of all the months. We are all skint, still hungover and pretty depressed that Christmas is over.

Which is easily the best time to invest in a new luxury item to start off the new year right and beat they January blues.

Like you needed an excuse, right?

The Beauty Edit: New In For Spring

Now that the major wave of festive beauty launches has calmed right down, we can all breathe a little and take some time to relax and actually enjoy the new boost of products that have hit all beauty desks across the country.

The Fashion Edit: 5 Coats To Transition Into Spring

I know that Winter has barely begun and we are just fully embracing the cold weather for the first time in a while. But when it comes to sales, you'll find a great bargain in them that will help the transition into the next season just that little easier.

The Travel Edit: A Wanderlust Tour of Scotland

Photo credit: Argyll Cruising

Scotland. My homeland. My passion. My soul. The beautiful country that I was lucky enough to be born in.

The Travel Edit: 7 Things To Do In Glasgow In 2017

Glasgow is the heartbeat to many of us Scots. As you would have all have known due to reading my fantastic travel guide to Glasgow on friends of our's The Tig last year.

The Fitness Edit: My Top Sites For Successful Wellness

So when it comes to hitting the fitness bandwagon, we all could do with a little motivation to set us off on the right path and ready to smash our personal goals and a little nutrition and athletic advice to help us activate our inner Serena Williams and be the best boss we can be.

The Skincare Edit: Spotlight on Foreo

Along with many this year, I had a resolution to take better care of my skin - at least 70% of the time.

Now, I am no Caroline Hirons (trust me, I do try!) but I am beating the trend of using face wipes, skipping moisturiser and only using a face mask on a girls night.

The Fitness Edit: Basics For A Super Fit 2017

As we all know with the new year comes new resolutions. And one of them is commonly unanimously 'get fit'.

So with that comes a whole host of new gear which is daunting in itself with sales and being inundated with emails pestering you to 'check out new fitness wear'.

The Fashion Edit: Best of 2016

As promised, my fashion picks for 2016 are now here! It was a year that I couldn't be coaxed out of my ripped black skinny jeans, my Hunter wellies or even my turtle necks! I lived in blazers and jeans in the spring, cute light dresses, and denim jackets in the summer, checked shirts, trainers and boyfriend jeans in the autumn and when winter rolled around I was toasty in my woolen coat and over the knee boots.

The Beauty Edit: 2016's Beauty Heroes!

As much as 2016 was a pretty much dismal year, we did have some beauty breakthroughs that changed the beauty world as we know it. From using oils to enhance our skins, to the liquid lipstick revolution, we had our fair share of viral trends and products that helped distract us from the bleak outside! 

The Live Edit: Happy New Year!

Well, what a year that has been. Without reminding ourselves about the personally, politically and positively sour year that was 2016, I hereby announce that 2017 will be a positive vibe only zone right here on The Wednesday Edit.