The Beauty Edit: The Perfect Lip Colour For Olive Skin

Us olive skin girls have it hard. While we may be blessed with good skin, good hair and tan impeccably well, but we all share the same common problem which is finding a lip colour that actually suits us. And at that, finding a nude one.

Depending on your undertones (I, myself sallow-skinned and yellow/warm undertones) you will either have one of the two problems when swatching a nude shade of lipstick, one is either the colour will always look pink/red, and the other being it looks purple. The latter being my own problem.

Now if you are anything like me then you will have tried every brand, high end to low end and have had make-up assistants baffled by them saying, "well it looks good on me and I'm like the same colour as you when I fake tan". Oh, how that irks me.

Yes, I'm white and I also liberally use fake tan. But I have different undertones from my mum, my best friend and the chick that does my nails. We are all white, but we all are different.

In my case, I am sallow-skinned and tanned, which gives me a yellow Homer Simpson-esque vibe to my look. Which means I tend to steer clear of cool tones that will clash with my skin and come off as purple. Instead, I opt for warmer shades that compliment and give my skin a uniform look without the risk of looking tacky on my skin.

So the rule of thumb is, if you're a warm-skinned gal, opt for beige, light brown colours that are free of pink undertones. And if you cold like Elsa then let go of the light nudes and aim for the lighter pinks and mauves that will pop your skin.

Therefore this edit is a collection of the best nudes for warm and cool olive skinned girls out there who are having the struggle finding a good nude* to suit them.

(*nude lipstick that is, not a naked Channing Tatum. Because I'm a beauty guru. Not a fairy godmother)

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