The Fashion Edit: The Best Luxury Bags

January. The Monday of all the months. We are all skint, still hungover and pretty depressed that Christmas is over.

Which is easily the best time to invest in a new luxury item to start off the new year right and beat they January blues.

Like you needed an excuse, right?

This edit is a round-up of all the best handbags I've found from around £500 to £1,300. Featuring a lot of Yves Saint Laurent because the are killing the handbag game at the moment, and a few token Chlo√©'s thrown in for good measure.

Black will always be a staple during any season, but I've added a few neutral tones and some muted pastels to liven up the dull months ahead and take us into spring.

Sometimes it's nice to deviate from the blacks every once in a while, or at least I think so.

And if anyone is asking, the blush pink Gucci is on my wishlist!

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