The Fashion Edit: Best of 2016

As promised, my fashion picks for 2016 are now here! It was a year that I couldn't be coaxed out of my ripped black skinny jeans, my Hunter wellies or even my turtle necks! I lived in blazers and jeans in the spring, cute light dresses, and denim jackets in the summer, checked shirts, trainers and boyfriend jeans in the autumn and when winter rolled around I was toasty in my woolen coat and over the knee boots.

So no change from 2015, 2014, or 2013 then.

However this year I invested in more designer items that I can elevate my style. I realized the importance of valuing my clothing and how good it makes me feel to wear something that I may have had to save up and buy, rather than something I didn't think twice about before buying.

So I invested in a good pair of wellingtons, a good waxed jacket and maybe one or two designer bags throughout the year. And investing in good crafted jewellery, which is a hobby of mine. I am most definitely a closet magpie.

I also updated my basics, realizing the importance of good underwear (ladies, you hear me!), and even down to my small leather goods, I decided to make a good first impression with every aspect of my wardrobe and the contents of my handbag, even right down to socks.

Seriously...socks are really important. Trust me.

So with that in mind, my 2016 fashion favourites are here and you know the drill, click the arrows on the right to browse!

Make sure to check back tomorrow to see my top fitness items YOU need for a super fit 2017.


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