The Fitness Edit: My Top Sites For Successful Wellness

So when it comes to hitting the fitness bandwagon, we all could do with a little motivation to set us off on the right path and ready to smash our personal goals and a little nutrition and athletic advice to help us activate our inner Serena Williams and be the best boss we can be.

I've always been a one for good research so I feel somewhat comfortable recommending what I personally think works for me.

However with that said I do have a disclaimer - always consult with a medical/fitness practitioner before starting any course in nutrition and/or fitness. You may never know what is good or bad for your own body and could do more harm than good. So always make sure that you are 100% approved for any adaptation of your current lifestyle before you begin.


So for me personally, (an anemic, hypoglycemic, bit of a lazy sod with very low BP & good intentions) I had to find something that I could not only stick to but would be beneficial for my strict health requirements.

And that for me was a combination of clean eating & yoga.

Yoga for me (as a bit of a shit beginner) is perfect for a gentle, but effective way to ease myself into building strength into my muscles and condition my body back to the level it used to be.

I found a few websites helpful for learning the basics and how to master being at one with your own thoughts.

PsycheTruth -  A great YouTube channel for all beginners, and those looking for education on relaxation workouts.

Yoga Journal - Basically a dictionary for all aspiring yogis who are looking to master poses of all difficulties and tips and tricks to being the best you can be.

General Fitness

This is the ones to get you going. The sites you turn for ultimate motivation. The online personal trainers that will push you to the next level. 

Jeez, even I'm tired after reading that...

Woman's Health - Personally my favourite site for all round fat-busting workouts and super motivational posts

Kayla Itsines - This chick has it down. Her workouts are sweaty, high intensity but my god are they good. You'll never look back after trying one. 

The Body Coach - Let's just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Mr Joe Wicks. He's the personal trainer that will whip you into shape, but has the 'boy next door' vibes that keeps him friendly and very effective at motivation. 

SweatyBetty's 31 Days to Fit - One of the best fitness regimes I have seen in a long time. Not too hard, not too easy and perfect for a January quick blitz to get you ready for a super fit 2017. 

Food & Nutrition 

Mind Over Munch - Easily one of the best YouTube channels for healthy, nutritious food, on a budget. 

The Domestic Geek - Sara is one of the best food 'geeks' I've ever came across. She's the best at creating brilliant recipes that work in well with a busy lifestyle. 

SORTED Food - These boys are my guilty pleasure. Ben already knows that! (heh..) These guys help hit your food sweet spot on cheat day for a guilty, but good dose of top quality food and banter to boot. 

Motivation & Wellness 

These are my sites I turn to for information, but by those I trust. Some are friends of The Wednesday Edit, some I have been a fan of for a long time. But they all have helped my on my journey to being a more relaxed, motivated and well human being. 

The Anna Edit - This girl is dope. Serious dope. Her editing skills are supreme and her approach to fitness is exactly human as us all. She provides good bite sized doses of fitness routines, food preps and general lifestyle structures that has me all kinds of motivated. 

Plus...she's like seriously cool. Like, really cool. 

The Tig - These beautiful people are good friends of ours. We share the same values in life when it comes to wellness and lifestyle. Run by the very talented Meghan Markle, The Tig showcases the best in food, travel and life tips that act as a good glass of red wine for the soul. - This one is for the cool kids out there. You've heard of it. It's everything you want it to be. That's really all I can say about it!

However with that all said and done the best motivational tool is yourself. Stay true to your values and your own morals when it comes to personal fitness and you will be unstoppable. You are the only person that can make a change.

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