The Home Edit: Luxury Interiors


Interior design is something that is constantly on my mind right row. With my office slowly but surely starting to take shape, I've spent the last few weeks knee deep in paint swatches and fabric samples. And I've loved every single second of it.

When I was looking at styles for my new office, I was overwhelmed by different looks and styles to fill such a tiny room. I wanted an industrial yet soft/neutral feel that was cozy enough to spend the majority of my day in now I work from home.

I decided on focusing on key pieces that would stand out on their own and not blend in with the theme. After designing my bedroom in grays, whites and slight touches of purple, I was ready to embrace a different trend and let my office reflect the type of person I am, and also reflect my business.

But it is hard to find these key items that are critical to getting the right look. And finding the right sites to buy from can also be tricky. Enter MHoD. Mollura Home Design is an Italian interior design e-commerce that provides a wide selection of furniture and lighting solutions signed by the best international brands.

They focus on high-quality luxury pieces that will not only work with your home but will be a stand out item for years to come.

With traditional and trendsetting interiors to fit every style and setting, MHoD is one of the best in supplying the best in designer furniture and designer lighting and it's easy to see how the Italian flair can help inspire you to create the perfect home interior that is unique & bespoke to your tastes and needs.

After all, we are all looking to turn our houses into homes, and finding the right interiors is half the battle. The other is, of course, fighting over the tv remote...

Make sure to check out MHoD here, and be sure to consider them for your next home renovation job!


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