The Travel Edit: 7 Things To Do In Glasgow In 2017

Glasgow is the heartbeat to many of us Scots. As you would have all have known due to reading my fantastic travel guide to Glasgow on friends of our's The Tig last year.

Now that shameless social plug is out of the way, I know that visiting a strange city can be daunting and sometimes the popular sites can be easily fawned over on Instagram.

What you really want to see is the grit of the city, the events that the locals queue up for hours to see. And what arguably look way more edgy and cool on your Instagram feed. #doitforthegram

1. The Stand Comedy Club

This one really has a special place in my heart. I have a tradition with my partner that we visit The Stand every Valentine's. It's the perfect place for self-depreciating humour, awkward jokes and a great open mic atmosphere that is solid for any first impression of this interesting city. - Every Saturday

2. Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out is akin to The Clothes Show Live, in the same respect that it is a show held in an exhibition center with hundreds of stalls with local merchants. But it's better. Much better.
GDO houses sugary pink interiors, cute male butlers and regularly features local talent (bloggers, models, tv stars) to star in their own mini show within the main event.
Having been a press guest this year, I got to experience the show from an editorial point of view, which gave a different perspective. The amount of work that the GDO team put into the event is outstanding, and it gets better every year. - Usually late Nov/early Dec. TBC for '17.

3. Merchant City Festival

Who doesn't love a little Brazil in the heart of Glasgow? And that's not even the best part. There's shows, street food, stalls and it attracts over 55,000 people a year. 
Showcasing the best local talent in art, theatre, film and food it is one for the bucket list. You'll more than likely always find yourself joining in with the acts and becoming part of the show. - Late July/early Aug.

4. Glasgow Science Centre

Again, another one that holds a sentimental value. Every time I visit I find something new. But it isn't just for the scientifically curious amongst us. Here conferences, exhibitions, open days and even theatrical film performances are showcased throughout the year, plus you can even hire it out for your Christmas night out! - Year round. 

5. City Centre Mural Trail

For the artistic, we have an interesting trail for you. Dotted all around the city centre you'll find murals painted by local artists of various images from taxis to tigers. It's a trail of the unexpected, but you'll discover so many new favourites. 

6. Gallery of Modern Art

Not only is this one of the most popular picture locations of Glasgow, it is easily one of the best places to lose yourself. It's not just for the art geeks amongst us, there are plenty of exhibits that will help you find a world of inspiration and leave with a feeling of nostalgia. It's arguably as beautiful as it is educational. 

7. Everywhere

The best places to find in Glasgow are the unexpected ones. Take yourself for a walk along the Riverside, round the West End or even down Buchanan Street, you will find something new everytime you visit. Even if you are a veteran like myself - Glasgow will always be here to surprise and delight you.

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