The Travel Edit: I Back Paisley 2021!

If you have been living under a Paisley patterned rock for the last few months then you would know that cities all across the United Kingdom are battling it out to become the UK's City of Culture 2021.

So with my neighboring city being Paisley - the hometown of the delectably gorgeous Gerard Butler no less - I couldn't sit about and let fate take its course. I just had to be involved. And luckily, I am!

Within the next coming months and weeks, you will see some cool and exciting content popping up on the travel section of The Wednesday Edit. Posts ranging from the fashion & textiles heartbeat of the city to fun events that you should give a go. And I'll even be writing for the official Paisley 2021 team, which you will see different snippets of the content I'll be creating very soon! It's all very exciting and I am fully passionate about the campaign.

Most of you know my story by now, but if you don't then I was born in St Andrew's, Fife which is on the East Coast of Scotland (I was not born in Mexico contrary to popular belief...inside joke) and when I was little I moved to Paisley with my family. So I will always be St Andrews loyal, but I grew up and developed who I am today in Paisley.

I have spent my life here, from joining a theater group called PACE when I was 5, after spending many, many years going to pantomime shows in the Arts Centre with my mum, to having my own artwork displayed in their museum. I'm pretty much as intertwined into Paisley as the textiles they create.

From aspiring and inspiring politicians like Mhari Black to world renowned actors like Gerard Butler and David Tennant, and even to indie artists like our Paolo Nutini. And who could forget our treasure of a weatherman that is Sean Batty? People make Paisley just as much as the city's achievements, and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it.

And I believe that this city doesn't get enough recognition for who and what it really is. A lot of worldwide 'firsts' were developed in this city and groundbreaking new technologies, textiles and invigorating history have paved to way to make it a city worthy of being on the cultural map.

So with that in mind, you can check out the campaign online to see how you can be involved and all I can say now is to watch this space for some really brilliant content coming this way. I'm sure these few months will have some unforgettable events.

Stay tuned! 

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