The Valentine's Edit: Luxury Scents From Jo Malone

When Valentine's Day rolls around we all go daft for roses and our other halves dive straight for the nearest flower shop. It becomes a flurry of panic and we all do forget to do the ol' stop and smelling of the roses when the day finally comes.

My partner needs no reminding that the way to my heart is through my favourite scents. I mean I'm partial to the odd jewellery purchase every now and then, hint hint.

But fragrance to me is a long-lasting reminder of a wonderful gift from someone I love and lasts much longer than traditional flowers. Which is why I love Jo Malone. And the romantic scent of their Red Roses cologne.

Red Roses is easily one of Jo Malone's most noticeable scents, being the go-to fragrance when V-Day comes to town. And surprisingly it's an easy scent to wear. You may think that the whole rose perfume vibe comes off a little old lady and overly floral, but Jo Malone has a way of making beautiful scents fit for every person. And it layers beautifully too, I wear mines with another best seller, Peony and Blush Suede and it is easily one of my favourite combinations.

Regardless if it is Red Roses in the candle, lotion or the other varieties of products that Jo Malone carries, the scent is one of the best ways for showing your love to your Valentine this season, making it the perfect gift to put a smile on their faces.

Check out the range now and let me know what your scent of choice is for the big day.

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