The Valentines Edit: The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide

The big day is here, and while some of us may be smug in the fact that they have already gotten their gift early - or maybe you are the gift - some of us are still scratching our heads to find something to gift to our loved ones.

So if you are anything like me and leave everything to the last second, I have a gift edit for all of us procrastinators who are frantically shopping today.

Us women have everything. If we want something we tend to go out and buy it ourself, because we know what colour of MAC lipstick we want and we aren't risking you getting it wrong. In the case for a nude lip vs a bright purple, the thought doesn't always count. 

Brutal? Yes. Honest? Also yes. Sorry love.

I'm the kind of person who really means when they say that they don't want anything, but I always appreciate a thoughtful gift over something generic. 

So for me I found four gifts that I'd love to get today. And if my boyfriend is know me boo.

1) First up we have a designer radio from My VQ. I am a bit of a label lover when it comes to all aspects in my life. A designer diva if you will. And with my recent office conversion, I fell head over my Louboutins in love with this chic little DAB. Collaborating with luxury accessories brand, Lulu Guinness, My VQ have created a cute radio that can also act as a speaker, and charges your phone to boot! It's a niche little bit of luxury that is perfectly designed for the aforementioned label lovers like myself. 

2) I guess lingerie is always going to be a solid choice for "National I Love Your Sexy Face Day" (working title). But if you are a, lets just say and un-sexy sexy person in life who laughs even at the mention of the word 'boobies' then you will most likely run a mile at anything "Fifty Shades" oriented, I'm guessing you'd tend to opt for prettier styles that flatter your figure and personality than having cheese wire up your butt crack like myself. 

(No hate if you like cheese wire up your butt crack. Me and my butt cheeks applaud you) 

But if you are like me and get on butt related tangents when you are writing then you will be into pretty underwear that reflects your own style and has just the right amount of sexy, but without being too uncomfortable or unflattering. 

This is where Freya come in. I haven't found a style of lingerie that I just haven't fell in love with from their site. They flatter all sizes, right uk to a K cup and come in a wide range of styles to help you feel at your most comfortable, whilst making you feel confident and sexy. Even their nightwear styles have the most beautiful patterns and styles that will fit every personality. 

It's the 'cool girl' lingerie brand that becomes highly addictive. You've been warned. 

3) Again with another clich√© but I am a magpie when it comes to shiny, shinys. For me, I love anything personalised. Keeping my nearest and dearest as close to me as possible is a win for me. For Valentine's Day this year Thomas Sabo have created a range that have been specifically designed to be engraved for your loved one to make that gift even more special. And earn you serious brownie points lads. 
My personal favourite item was the "Love Bridge" bracelet. It layers beautifully with my other sentimental bracelets and also has an engraving of something so personal that makes me smile overtime I glance at it. I like the idea of a 'bridge' concept which to me keeps me connected with my loved ones near and far away. 
I also love the double stranded heart pendant. It's such a beautiful simple piece of jewellery that looks stunning with any outfit. It's not been off me since I received it!

4) And lastly we have the very popular candle gift. Now I am a lover of the big named branded candles and will always be. However recently I have been introduced to a cute local brand of candles that scents pack a serious punch. Supporting local small businesses is something I am incredibly passionate about, and giving a give from one has a double cause. You're helping a local business and supporting their brand, whilst also surprising your loved one with a beautifully handmade gift. It's a win, win for me! This particular brand I love is called Stephanie's Organics, and they are going to my go-to gift of choice for my friends & family in the future. 

But the important message for us all to note is that it is what you put into your day for your loved one that speaks volumes. Making memories that are personal and loved is the key to having a good day, and remember, love is 365 days a year, today is just a day with bells on! 

Have fun you lot!

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