The Life Edit: Laughing With Jamie

Here on The Wednesday Edit, we are a community. We have a talented pool of guest bloggers who have signed up to write informative and enjoyable content for us. 

This week we have the side-splittingly funny Jamie from Phitbit - Nothing Healthier Than A Laugh, who is a fantastic poet that is guaranteed to make you laugh with his incredibly naughty poems. I love a good poem, it was one of my favourite things to write as a kid. 

So because it's Friday and we all need a laugh for the weekend, here's Jamie's poem about a tenacious bird called Billy.

Take it away Jamie!

Billy the Brilliant Bowerbird

Bowerbirds are special in that they collect different coloured things
They do this to attract a mate as they can't be bothered to sing.
Billy loved the colour red and that's exactly what he collected.
He cleaned his collection every day with not one item neglected.

But as he gathered more and more his collection never seemed to grow.
Where were all these items going? Billy did not know
One day While billy was out, something caught his eye,
He had to go investigate, he could not pass it by
When he was closer he saw that it was, in fact, a little red heart!
In an already brilliant collection, this was sure to be the best part!

Billy brought the heart back home and placed it at his feet.
When he saw the collection as a whole it now just looked complete.
Billy woke up the next morning and something wasn't quite right.
Another bird had stolen his heart while he'd slept that night!
Billy was so very upset that his collection now seemed bare.
He just stared at that empty space feeling his loss was unfair.

Billy had to get even, so he flew out to grab some supplies
He put some red paint on a hand grenade and placed it where the heart used to lie.
Late that night the thief came back to steal some more of the collection.
Then he saw the hand grenade, he snatched it and out fell the pin
Billy was ecstatic as he jumped up out his bed,
Because of the thief's little 'accident' now his whole den was red!!

If you loved Jamie's crafty wit as much as I do then be sure to follow him on his blog below:

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  1. I love this Jamie. Nice one...breath of fresh air.

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