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Here today we have the to discuss the importance of being happy and why we should try to avoid correlating that with success.

Why You Shouldn’t Tie Your Happiness To Your Success

We all want to be happy right? It’s sometimes easy to lose ourselves in this journey called life and we forget about what is most important to us and well, what truly makes us happy! We get caught up in our goals and what we so desperately want that we forget to be happy in the present moment. This is why you shouldn’t tie your happiness to solely your success.

So, how can we be happy in the present moment? First and foremost, happiness is very much a choice. You CAN choose to be happy, and sometimes all it takes, it a shift in mindset. Yes, sometimes it can be hard, but there is no excuse. Allow this to be your reminder to not only keep working towards your goals but to enjoy everything that is happening right now, that you might overlook.

Don’t Make Happiness A Destination

You can really affect your mindset and your current happiness levels if you do this. You’ll be happy WHEN you get your dream job. You’ll be happy WHEN you get to go on holiday. You’ll be happy WHEN you make your first bit of money from your own business. You see what we’re doing… By telling yourself these things, it’s limiting your potential as well as opportunities. Yes, it’s ok to have bad days sometimes where you hope for happiness in the future, but 1 day is all you get! Happiness is by no means a destination, it is a journey and very much a personal choice. When you make happiness a destination, you eliminate the ability for so much more happiness.

Practice Gratitude To Be Happy In The Now

This is probably one of the BEST daily practices you can do to instantly increase your happiness. You can do this either when you first wake up or just a before you fall asleep. Say out loud three things you’re grateful for and three things you love about yourself.

It’s important to keep acknowledging our past successes to give us the motivation and energy to push ourselves even further. It’s completely natural for us to always want to move on to the next level, to achieve something greater. Once we achieve something, we instantly look towards our next challenge. With these successes come moments of elation and we experience high happiness levels. But that feeling doesn’t last for long.

Practicing gratitude will become your way of keeping you content and satisfied when those happiness highs end. When you practice gratitude, you’ll build yourself back up and remind yourself of the stepping blocks that have gotten you where you are today.

Money Does Not Mean Happiness

Yes, there is a lot of debate about this statement where people say ‘money can actually buy you happiness’. If you love to travel, it can buy you a plane ticket overseas; if you want to start your own business you’re truly passionate about, it can help you achieve your goals by investing in services that will help you succeed; if you love cars, you can buy your dream car. However, let’s say you were given all the money in the world, and then some… now what? After you’ve done everything such as travel or invested in your own business, bought that dream car, what next? It’s like looking for your next challenge.

Allow your life to be a journey where you can identify the aspects that are critically important to your overall happiness. This might be spending time with family, watching Netflix and eating a pint of ice-cream with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or having a glass of wine on a Friday night after a long week at work. It truly is the simple things in life that will bring you ever-lasting content.

So, don’t wait for moments, things, or experiences to make you happy. Realize that what you already have can bring you all the happiness in the world. All it takes is a shift in mindset, and we know you can do it. 

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