The Live Edit: Talking Motorsport For Mental Health With Richard

Here on The Wednesday Edit, we are a community. We have a talented pool of guest bloggers who have signed up to write informative and enjoyable content for us.

Today we have Richard from Motorsport for Mental Health. Now if you have been following the blog for a while, sports isn't something we normally talk about here. But now we are branching out, all posts are welcome. And this one resonated with me.

Mental health is something I have struggled with for the majority of my life. I've had crippling anxiety for as long as I can remember and I do suffer with depression. And I have finally accepted it. And that was no way easy. It is now part of my life and I am lucky to have supportive people around me to help me. And I have this blog which has propelled into success that I never knew was imaginable. Having this as a hobby turn full time job has been my crutch through overcoming my mental illness. And while I still have bad days, I can finally accept that I can deal with it.

And that is exactly what Richard talks about below. How to use hobbies as a form of therapy. I know some of you might not be in to motorsport, but the idea is the same; finding hobbies to shed light and pressure on the daily struggle that comes with declining mental health.

Before we get into Rich's post I just want to put this below which I think Rich will agree with me;

If you are struggling then please talk to someone. Please. You are not a burden to anyone and they are happy to help you. Talking to someone will help. If you ever feel like it gets too much then please let someone know. Trust me, you will feel better. 

I'm just going to let Rich take it from here now, I am really excited to see your response to this post!

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to Mollie for having me on the Wednesday Edit! It's a pleasure to be able to talk to you all! My name is Richard and I run a blog called Motorsport for Mental Health.

Now, as you can tell from the name of my blog my content varies greatly from Mollie’s. To be honest with you it left me a little stuck with what I can write about as our audiences vary greatly. Fashion is an art though. Designers create pieces to express themselves and put their ideas forward and we buy and wear their clothing to express ourselves and to make an impression on the world.

This idea of creating a means of expressing ourselves is very much at the heart of Motorsport for Mental Health. Psychiatrically I am a huge believer in art as a means of therapy. I believe that being able to take a blank canvas and to be able to portray our thoughts and emotions onto it for others to see is vastly important. Especially if we cannot find a means of putting those emotions into words. I believe that the canvas can be anything from an actual canvas to the human form in terms of fashion and beauty and, of course, the automobile. 

Drifting is a sport in which that emotion and expression is celebrated. The theatrical art of sliding a car through a corner will never get old to me. It is such a subjective art too. Many pursue grace and perfection; chains of really low, wide, clean cars gliding through corners almost effortlessly.

Others pursue big power and competition. Some people argue that this is contrary to the roots of the sport yet it is hard to argue that seeing a 1000hp, brightly liveried competition car screaming and billowing smoke from under its rear arches is quite the sight.

Drifting’s fairly open rule book means that if you turn up to a drift event you will be dazzled by the variety of cars and each one tells a story and reflects that owner’s personality.

One doesn’t need thousands of pounds and a race spec car or show car to learn this art though. Across the globe there are tracks hosting practise days for people to come and try and learn how to drift. All you really need is a rear wheel drive car with some basic modifications like a locked diff and stiffer suspension and you will be away! Have a look at old BMWs on Autotrader. This is not as inaccessible as it may look. You can have a lot of fun for under £500! Believe me I have!

If you live in the London area Arena Essex at Thurrock hold drift nights every other Wednesday and competitions called King of the Ring once a month on a Saturday night. If you are in the area, pop down, come and see what all the fuss is about and get a passenger ride from one of the drivers! I guarantee you will be hooked!

If you can’t pop down then you can always follow my blog as I always cover events at Arena! You can also follow me at the following locations to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.

Twitter: @Garage_RFrancis
Instagram: @motorsport4mentalhealth

Let me say a massive thank you for Mollie for allowing me to come and talk to you today and to you for reading this. It has been a pleasure!



  1. Thanks for this. I also struggle with mental health issues and have found the the importance of pursuing one's passions in healing.

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