The Skincare Edit: Cowshed

Cowshed is a brand that I have always loved for their body washes and shower products. I have always loved the cheeky names and their scents (Horny Cow body wash anyone? Or in my case more of a Lazy Cow/Grumpy Cow), but it was a surprise to me that I never knew that they did skincare!

With natural ingredients and luxurious formulas, they promise to restore radiance with their essential oils and plant extracts. And after trialing the products for the last fortnight, I can confirm that they really do bring back a glow to my skin.

I've never been one for harsh chemicals or super strong ingredients that give my skin a beating. And Cowshed's latest range has no nasties to help soothe skin and give it a nice break from daily pollution and products.

My favorite product from the range is the Chamomile toner. I use this religiously now at my desk as well as morning and night. It gives the skin a good refresh and in my case, bring my tired and dull skin back to life after a hard day.

I also love the Jasmine eye balm. As someone with dry skin and really dry and sensitive under eyes, I am always wary of products going near such a tender area of my face. But their eye balm properly sinks into my skin and doesn't cause any irritation. Which would have been a sell out for me just on that basis alone, but it also keeps my under eye area hydrated all day and even through the night, so I have waved goodbye to my eye bags and dark circles and said hello to refresh and renewed skin.

They also feature a fantastic range of moisturizing products in the lineup. From oils to creams and everything in between, they have a variety of different formulas to suit everyone and their needs. I love the Quinoa moisturizer because it hydrates evenly and doesn't leave my skin greasy, and their cranberry seed oil is slathered on my face nightly before I go to bed.

The range has every aspect of your skin routine covered. It really creates a beautiful and gentle spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom!

It's natural ingredients really help soothe and repair my skin and leave it radiant and glowing, all without hidden nasties and harsh chemicals.

If you are like me and suffer from sensitive skin or just looking for more natural products to use then Cowshed is work checking out. Tell them I sent you!

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