The Travel Edit: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a town that is not only historical in nature but also historical in its culture. A major city that has venues to suit everyone on every corner, and trust me when I say I've sampled quite a few of their watering holes!

It's a favorite for students, hen do's and stag do's alike, special birthdays and 'treat you' days. There is no more pride than getting dressed up and going to the capital for us outsiders. But for those who live there, they boast the best nightlife and social spots right on their doorstep.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend away in the capital last weekend. Lucky for me due to never having enough time for a city break due to work and other commitments, and from my experience, it was the perfect 'let your hair down' weekend.

This travel edit is my top places for any city break to Edinburgh, where to stay, eat, drink and shop, plus my favorite cultural spot threw in for good measure! So go on, book a hotel, book your travel and go on the wanderlust weekend break that you have always dreamed about.


I stayed at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel just off the Royal Mile. It boasts luxury interiors with subtle modern twists and undoubtedly impressive. It has the most perfect views of the Crags and Authur's Seat, and situated right next to Dynamic Earth - easily one of my favorite places as a child! 

Our room was just as stunning you would imagine and their service was most definitely the best I have had out of any hotel I've stayed in. The usual suspects of any good hotel room, comfy beds, great facilities, views etc, excelled my expectations.

As I said earlier, the rooms have a traditional vibe with slight modern features which works incredibly well for the style and location of the hotel. They have the balance of classy and stylish done very well and it certainly makes for a luxurious stay! 

We chose to eat at the hotel's restaurant due to being so impressed with the hotel that we canceled our reservations for another place just to stay here! And it didn't disappoint. Our meals were perfect on every level, which for foodies like myself and my partner, we are hard to please! 

There is an unwritten rule that to judge any eatery or cafe then you should judge their food by their club sandwich. Or maybe it's just a lesson from my boys at Sorted Food. (Video here for the curious)

But for me, I'm a sucker for sticky toffee pudding. There's a fun fact about me. I never order any other kind of desert.

And yes, the Macdonald's was easily one of the best I ever had.

Thier breakfast was also brilliant. I live for open breakfast bars and a 'help yourself' vibe. With hot food and beverages to order also, we were spoilt for choice, which usually makes for the most interesting of breakfast choices. And by interesting I mean having components of a meal that you wouldn't normally have together. By hey, you're on a break, you can do as you wish! Which I did! 

I was genuinely upset about leaving. Be it the fact I was dreading going back to reality after such a relaxing break or the fact I really wanted to visit their award winning spa again, I left feeling happy, relaxed and most importantly, eager to return again. 


Burger is one of my favorite eating spots in Edinburgh. Or for all intensive purposes here, Edin-burger. (I'm so sorry.)

I've been coming here for years now and it is my first stop to hunt down as soon as I get off the train. Now while I'm not a lover of portions steering on the Man vs Food size, I am always impressed about how much they can fit between two buns. (Heh, keep that mind clean folks)

I struggle to ever finish a meal there, but I am always left satisfied and perplexed. Perplexed as to why my boyfriend can always stack away double than I can and still be hungry. Guys really don't know how lucky they have it. 

They offer every kind of meat, bun, toppings, condiments (hallelujah for sriracha) and any shake combination you could wish for. Which is why I always keep coming back, it is one of my favorite food places on the planet. 

And now I'm hungry. 


Panda and Sons is a place I've just recently been recommended to by a local. Themed as a modern speakeasy it serves some of the best gin known to man. And aside from champagne, gin is my water of choice. 

With cute glasses and eye-catching presentation, this place is a talking point for sure and it makes for a great night out. Even though it's very well hidden and disguised as an old-fashioned barber, it's always packed.

And that's due to it quirky vibes and a fantastic atmosphere that leave you entertained and yearning to return.


Edinburgh is famed for its wynds and cobbled streets that defy any stiletto. And these streets are packed with shops, cafes, and bars. 

As with every designer diva, the luxury end is what I seek out in any city. And Edinburgh has luxury shopping at its heart. 

With Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, and Harvey Nichols all within touching distance of each other, you are spoilt for choice 

St Andrews square is where you should be headed if you are looking for that scene, with a little lane just off it that has some of the world's most luxurious brands, all tucked away on a beautiful street that has classic European vibes. 


The last section here will always be dear to my heart. The National Galleries is a place I would beg my mother to take me to as a little girl. We would always have a trip to the capital in the summer, which is the best time to catch events like the Fringe and whatnot. But what made our summer trips would be spending hours in the Galleries lost in imagination, thought and excitement. 

I still take a trip to visit it every now and then. It's one of my favorite places in the world, not only for their collections, but for the personal connection I have to the Galleries, and one I'd love to continue. 

They also have a brilliant restaurant looking onto the old town which after having afternoon tea there at the weekend, is one of the best ways to pass time and people watch on a beautiful day. 

And that's where this whistlestop tour sadly ends my friends. I've shown you my favorite gems of the city, now it's your turn to make your own memories! 

Be sure to tag me in your pictures and leave a comment down below of any other places you've found - stay curious! 

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