The Travel Edit: Paisley

Paisley is a city of astronomical proportions. A colourful and vibrant city that surrounds itself in historical culture and architecture.

Paisley is a small market town transformed into an international textile producer, recognised for design, innovation, activism, poetry and song. The home of hundreds of weavers who threaded together the Paisley- Patterned shawls which carried its name around the world, and who campaigned for social justice, fair employment and access to education. A place where giant thread mills employed tens of thousands of people well into the 20th century.

In this edit I'm going to pick my favourite spots from the city and give you a whistle-stop tour of the city I now call home. So that easily means its the best city on earth.


Paisley isn't just history, its a hub of niche restaurants, cafes and businesses that provide well deserved facilities to the city. If you are a serial shopper like me then you would have already been well acquainted with the likes of Intu Braehead, which I don't want to admit that I spend the majority of my time and my wages there.

From Next to M&S, they have the high street favourites that we know and love. But more and more local boutiques are getting the chance to have pop up shops and even more permanent fixtures in the mall. Which along with Paisley's regenerating high street, is giving local businesses the chance to enhance their sales and their outreach. 


Like any city, Paisley is filled to the brim with locally owned restaurants and cafes. From world renowned celebrity owned chip shops, to Italian bistro's, there is always something to fit your needs.

Cardosis is somewhere for me that I always remember being in Paisley. It's as integrated as its weaving history. Easily one of the best lunch stops in the city, it boasts authentic Italian food with the livelihood of Paisley culture. 

And as a former student I couldn't not include Jam Jar in this list. It wasn't abnormal for a group of us to go for lunch at Jam Jar and maybe stay for cocktails an miss 3pm lectures. But we all graduated so it didn't do us harm! This place is one of the hidden gems of Paisley, which I'd know as I've spent many of afternoon that turned into late nights in there. Side note, get the banana waffles. You're welcome. 

What To Do

As I said above, Paisley is a cultural and architectural epitome of the West coast. Its a city full of sculptural greats and beauty. And the events are always current. From the famous Fireworks Nights to the Christmas Lights Turn On, there is always something happening. And 2017 promises even better events on a bigger scale thanks to the city's bid to become the UK's City of Culture 2021. 

Paisley Abbey

From the return of the fantastic Paisley Make to the hosting of the Scottish Album of the Year Awards, 2017 is going to be Paisley's best year yet! 
Paisley Watermill

So if you want to find out more about the bid and see how you can pledge your help then check out the Paisley 2021 website and show your support for this fantastic city and don't forget to come back here to see my guide to Paisley's textile and design history soon! 

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