The Fashion Edit: VB X Target

I know this is the blog post that you have all been waiting on. We finally have my edit of the new Victoria Beckham x Target collection. No quips, let's buckle up and get straight into this one and see what I got!

The VB x Target collab was something I was waiting on for what seems like a lifetime. I waited for nine whole hours on the 9th on April from 12am right through till 9am when it went live and it was at that point I proceeded to have a solid 45 minutes of pain, sweat and ultimately shouting at my MacBook profanities while trying to shove my credit card digits in.

And you know what? After suffering a pre-panic attack that the items I wanted were coming up sold out, I finally got the items I wanted. All in the name of fashion eh?

My favourite item from the range (and most worn) is the navy appliqué sweater (£30). I have worn this consistently non-stop since it arrived just over a week ago and it has been the new hero for my wardrobe. I love how it looks super casual but still with a slight fashion edge. And paired with this amazing bag from VVA Handbags, it easily is a standout fashion piece for every wardrobe.

The embellished dress (£60) is another one of my favourites. I have this in mind to wear to an event next week and I just can't wait to wear it! The detail in the dress is just outstanding for its price. And to be perfectly honest, I can't believe that I actually own a Victoria Beckham dress.

The detail in all of her items are just really unreal. For her prices of the clothes, I couldn't believe how "cheap" they are. I mean, I spent just over £245, which is what I would normally spend in a decent H&M, Topshop or Zara haul. So for designer, detailed and wonderfully priced items, I stocked up what I wanted and never looked back, knowing I'd never get another chance to shop this limited collection again.

But as I said, the detail is pretty outstanding, and I can't put into words how beautiful her items are. And I really hope she come out with another collection - me and my credit card will be waiting!

What did you think of the collection? Was it something that you would like to see again? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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