The Travel Edit: Italy

Italy is always on the top of every blogger's travel wish list. It's just one of the countries that embrace their natural environment and merges it with the beautiful modernity of growing trends. A country that has so many landmarks, you'll always be sure to capture history on every street.

Caorle is a beautiful coastal town near Venice which is a favorite for many locals. It is full of hotels and holiday villages, which is where Prà Delle Torri Holiday Villages are located. Prà Delle Torri has just been voted number one in the world in the Travellers Choice awards 2017, and it's not hard to see why.

Prà Delle Torri boasts beautiful views and stunning venues and in close proximity to the historical and cultural attractions and the culinary specialties of the Veneto region. They also have their environment as an important factor as they provide charging ports for electric cars and have eco-conscious values at heart. Which for me is a major hit as I love seeing businesses caring about their environments.

They are set in a region that has everything, mountains, lakes and religious sites included and provide spaces for luxury travelers, campers and mobile dwellers alike. For the luxury holiday makers, they provide spacious and elegant apartments that are placed in the green spaces of the village and provide all the amenities of a home away from home. And for the uber luxurious amongst us, they have Home Suites that are beautifully decorated and finished around the Holiday Centre.

For the campers, they have a campsite with standard, maxi and pinewood bays with all sizes of facilities. Each bay can hold one caravan. camper van or tent, with fully equipped washroom areas and children's areas.

They also have luxurious bungalows that feature beautiful patio's looking over a large green oasis which is perfect for a complete relaxation and in close proximity to the sea and park pools.

And if that wasn't enough they even have a recently renovated hotel situated in the heart of the Holiday Centre. The hotel has 29 Prestige rooms and 39 comfort twin rooms, each with ensuite bathroom, furnished terrace and a covered, reserved parking space. Guests have the use of the lounge, internet point (a paid service) and a lounge-bar. If you want the facilities offered by a hotel but prefer to be more independent they also have Apart-hotels, comfortable terraced houses with kitchenette.

So now you have your location sorted, it's time to talk about what to do when you are there. There's an 18 hole golf course. A magical moment that becomes unforgettable to the sound of the waves delicately breaking on the shore 100 meters away from the green. At Golf Pra' Delle Torri nature amazes with its spectacular and exciting sights. A complete green to test your love of golf. An absorbing 18 hole par 72 green, with natural obstacles to test your drive, and also a training course with international standard instructors to help perfect your style.

And if golf isn't your style they also have an Olympic pool, Volleyball courts, various watersports and lots of fitness programs to suit your style. Not to mention a state park and sports center for the adventurers amongst us.

In order to satisfy the needs of all Guests, Prà Delle Torri provides wide equipped playgrounds to do sports also during the holidays. And as of last summer, at the Sporting Centre, the Tennis, the 5-a-side Football, the Mini Tennis, the Paddle Tennis, the Foot Tennis, the Street Soccer, the Badminton and the Paddle Badminton will be offered FOR FREE to the Guests of the Holiday Centre, in addition to the sport activities already included.

So it's clear for all to see that Prà Delle Torri has it all for their well-cherished guests. And if that wasn't enough for you then they also have an Entertainments center, a Fantasy World Park and a whole host of restaurants, shops, and bars. It is the ideal location for an outdoor entertaining holiday!

And for a limited time only, if you book 5 nights at the resort, you also get one free! Make sure to check out the resort here and follow them at @pradelletorri #pradelletorri on social media and have a wonderful trip !



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