The Fashion Edit: The Shoe & Bag Pairings That You Need In Your Life

I confess, I have more handbags than sense and more shoes than Imelda Marcos. So it's no wonder that I am never out of options when it comes to my accessories. Pairing handbags with shoes is something that my Instagram is slowly becoming iconic for, I love a #shoefie!

But what happens when you buy a new bag and you have no idea what to pair with it? You have two options:

1) Panic
2) Read this guide, wine in hand and say hello to ASOS next day delivery

I think we all know which option sounds the best. So without further ado, here are the shoe and bag pairings that you need in your life. Think of it as a good wine & cheese relationship - it's that good.


I love a good clutch. I'm a clutch-a-holic or a clutch connoisseur if you will. I have a few all time favourites but my current obsession is with local handbag company VVA. If you haven't seen my post all about this awesome brand then check here for an introduction.

With a clutch as loud as my VVA Ivy I need some muted but still fashion-forward heels. That's why I love these half perspex/half suede Steve Madden heels. It's just enough to cause interest, but not enough to deter away from my gorgeous clutch.

For strappy sandals when I'm on a night out I love going all kinds of funky with bags. My gold Ivy from VVA is my go-to night out bag, and it goes perfectly with my Sam Edelman sandals (which, are easily the comfiest heels I've ever found). With strappy sandals, I feel I get to play more with my bags and this gold clutch from VVA - which is a sneak peek for their new season - is my favourite night bag. It's just the best for any outfit because it's a statement on its own, and will elevate your outfit to fashionista levels.

Back to the leopard print Ivy and I've paired it again this time with a black lace bootie from Coast, and also with a gold tassel also from VVA. I love a good shoe-boot, and this one is just golden in my opinion. Again with shoes that are somewhat muted, I get to play with patterns and textures that almost mimic each other. These two work insanely well and are my "boss bitch" combo of choice.

And for our first flats of the post, we have a cute sandal and yet another VVA clutch that works so well with the jewels on the shoes. This bag is my favourite for boho chic and will make any outfit pull together. I love teaming this combo with a long maxi skirt and a denim jacket for extra boho points.


One of the newest editions to my handbag collection is this tote from Aspinal of London. It's become my day-to-day bag that is perfect for a 'throw it all in' kind of day. I love playing up the neutral tones of this bag with a fluffy neutral pom-pom from VVA and these beautiful boots from Whistles. With these all matching you can easily get away with any outfit as it would look put together with these elements already in harmony. But of course, you know me, I'll be wearing my black Max Mara blazer and my black ripped jeans which, even though it's practically my uniform at this stage, it's my go-to outfit when wearing this shoe and bag combo. 

Ah my Mulberry. My first love and my baby. I have had this bag since my 21st birthday and wore it practically every day for the two years that followed it. Now I am investing in some more luxury bags to grow my collection (told you I was an addict - I don't own any high-street bags!) it has been delegated my "girl boss" bag. When I am going to meetings, business brunches or day-formal events, this is my bag of choice. I always pair it with my beloved Ralph Lauren heels regardless of any outfit I decide to wear, which let's be honest, it's gonna be black.

My Modalu bag was my first ever designer bag that I got for my 18th and I really wore the arse out of it. It's a good half a decade old now and is still looking good for its age! I love a good brown/tan bag because it just gives every outfit a dressed down, weekend feel. With this bag I'm always wearing a blazer, my ripped blue jeans and always flats! These little cuties are by Butterfly Twists and I swear they are the comfiest little flats I've ever worn. And I have a lot of flats. 

And last but not least we hav the show stopper. Now you've seen these Steve Madden babies earlier so I won't rabble on about them! But this bag from Aspinal of London is the one that you want when you are making a statement. A bright back with an interesting heel is excatly the way to turn heads and have a confident presence, and by god does this bag get attention! Aside from the fact that it is in a beautiful pillar box red hue, the bag itself is beautifully crafted and a stunning way to earn some style points! 

With style everything is subjective. Style is so personal and gives everyone the creativity to play with textures and colours to find what works for them. I hope this post gave you some fashion inspo and if it has then tag me in your Instagram pictures! I can't wait to see your bag & shoe pairings! 

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