The Life Edit: Instagram Takeover With High Definition Beauty

Today is the day! It's The Look Awards Day!

If you have been watching my social media lately then you would know that I am taking over High Definition Beauty's Instagram account, later on today and will be covering the event! I'll also be presenting an award tonight in the Spa category so look out for that!

If you want to see a behind the scenes look at the awards and are interested in my first ever Instagram takeover then please head over to High Definition's Instagram page linked here, and I really hope you enjoy my view from the awards! The takeover starts at 6:30pm and I'll be live from then right through the night!

Also if you come back to the blog tomorrow, you'll see my round up of the awards and a special post will be going up tomorrow all about the awards and what it's like working with High Definition Beauty!

As we speak I'm in the process of getting ready so I'm going to keep this brief and leave all the good stuff for tomorrow!

Much love! x