The Look Awards Edit: About Last Night With High Definition Beauty!

So let's have a talk about last night. While you were sleeping, Scotland's elite owners of the finest spas and salons were partying all night at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow. This was The Look Awards, and it was magnificent!

I was lucky enough to be invited by one of my favourite cosmetic brands, High Definition Beauty to the awards, and not only was I their VIP for the night, I also had the pleasure of taking over their social media, and presenting and award on the night!

I couldn't have been more looked after from their awesome team and my night was like something from a fairytale. So get tight, I'm going to take you on a whirlwind tour of my night at the Look Awards. I'm going to include some of the Instagram Stories pics also from the night, just in case you missed it (and my highlight was on fleek in one of them #proud) so buckle up, get a glass of wine cause it's going to be some ride!

When I arrived at the Radisson I was whisked straight into the lovely hands of Rachel Keely, one of High Definition's top make up artists.

We had a great chat/consultation about what look we wanted to go for to showcase of some of the fantastic products that High Definition Beauty have, and we managed to narrow it down to two options.

Now because I was wearing a fantastic top & skirt from Coast in a deep navy, we either wanted to opt for a fresh face and glowing tanned skin, with a bold red lip, or go dark and stormy with a deep navy eye to compliment my outfit. After much thought and a lot of consideration, we opted for the latter. And boy, that girl can work some makeup magic.

Believe it or not, I've only had my makeup done by a complete stranger once, and I left halfway through due to me hating the complete experience and vowed I'd do my own makeup from now on - even on my wedding! But the experience with Rachel was fantastic. I felt incredibly comfortable, relaxed and confident knowing that she was a true artist and downright bloody incredible at her job.

And this is the look that we went with below:

I mean, can we just take a second to appreciate this? She really is that good! Make sure that you give her a follow on Instagram!

Once I was all glammed up and ready, It was time to hit the pre-party before the awards. This was where the main brands who were sponsoring some of the awards and for us, High Definition Beauty as the main sponsors, could have a good chat with some of the nominees and other guests, and gave out some awesome goodybags for them to take home.

Once we were all well acquainted with each other and settled in nicely, we were seated for out 3 course meal, which was expertly crafted to indulge in our luxurious setting. I mean, this wasn't your average M&S Dine in for a tenner, this was an honestly stunning meal that was so good, I scoffed it before I could take a picture.

We were also served tea & coffee after which was presented with a tray of Scottish treats, all delicately fashioned with a candy "Look" which really was a hit at our table.

Looking good Andrena girl!

So dinner's over, wine is flowing, that can only mean one thing, it's awards time baby!

The wonderful awards were hosted by none other than our own Jennifer Reoch, and there were also guest presenters, including myself, that were asked to present the awards to the fantastic winners.

So before I could blink it was my time to present the award for the best Spa category. Now I wasn't really nervous beforehand, but as soon as I had the award in my hand, I was shaking. However by some stroke of luck, I managed to get through it unscathed and thankfully didn't fluff up my words and read out the wrong winner, I'm looking at you #Oscarsgate. 

There I am! 

We also had two others from the awesome High Definition team present an award, One being Craig Young, the Scottish Field Sales Representative, and James Gammage, their Head of Sales.

And then before we knew it, the awards were over, and it was time to party. Congratulations to all of the well-deserving winners, you were awesome! 

Now we had all presented out awards, we could breathe, be less nervous and let our hair down to dance it all out! With some, let's just say suggestible and interesting dance moves. But I could write a whole other post dedicated to James and his dance floor moves! 

The two lovely Lauras! Laura Robinson on the right is the Online Content, PR & Events manager for HD and The other lovely Laura is Laura Hallam, the Social Media Manager for the team.

Isn't that just the dreamiest dream team you've ever seen? 

The whole team were absolutely fantastic. They were a blast to hang out with and I can't wait for us to get to another event together, #LeedsRoadTrip anyone? 

From having our selfies on the big screen, to partying it up with the elite of the hair & beauty world, it was nothing short of a great night. Which you can see for yourself in the video below!

And that was pretty much it! We all had a cracking time and can't wait for the 2018 Look Awards! 

I just want to say a massive thanks to the High Definition team for being the ultimate dream team a girl could want, you are all spectacular! And also thanks for the invitaion for a brillant night - it was the best! 

Make sure to check out High Definition Beauty and share the love with them on Instagram and Twitter to find out more about the event and to delve into the world of high-quality makeup and beauty products! 


  1. You look absolutely stunning! Sounds like a great night xx

  2. It looks like so much fun! and you look beautiful :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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