The Dog Edit: Luxury Products For Your Pooch

Like every other dog owner on the planet, I'm completely in love with my dog. From feeding her the best food I can afford to finding new ways of keeping her healthy and happy, I am always on the hunt for the next best thing in the canine world. 

Which is no surprise when I find a new brand or product that has made my life a little easier, you'll definitely hear me raving about it. 

There has been a few things I've found along the the last year that I've had Peach that has changed the game for me as an irrational and helicopter "dog mom". I like my dog to look as stylish as a scruffy Border Terrier can and I love a good luxury product for my dog. Some of you may be eye-rolling right now at the thought of "luxury dog products" but since my lack of actual babies, I can project my need for parenting onto my pup and she loves every second of it. 


As I said above, my dog is as scruffy as a scruffy dog could get. With her wiry coat and untamed brows, she looks like a refined old gentleman, which is why a lot of people think she is a little boy! So I am always looking for the most pink, girly and floral accessories to drive the message home that "PEACH" is actually a little girl. 

The first brand that I came across was a brand called Teddy Maximus. Now, these guys not only have one of the best Instagram accounts that I've ever seen (seriously, cute pups galore!) but they specialise in luxury dog fashions, beds and carriers to help your pup's aesthetic match your daily life. 

When I came across this brand I was seriously in love. I loved the prints and patterns with the option for monogramming, which for me - with a very uncommon dog name, was a beautiful touch! 

Peach is a fan of a good neckerchief. I discovered this after I "jokingly" bought her a tartan one at Christmas last year and I had to fight her to take it off. The annoying thing I found when looking for new ones was that the majority of them had to have a collar attached - which getting her to wear a collar is a nightmare. However, with the beautiful Teddy Maximus neckerchief, it has velcro as its fastening, which makes my life at least 70% easier! 

I love how their brand is the height of luxury for dogs. I will quite often indulge in luxury items for my dog and from now on Teddy Maximus will be my go to brand.

I was interested to find out more about the brand, so I emailed the lovely owner Holly to ask her some questions about her beautiful company; 

What was the thought process behind Teddy Maximus?

Teddy Maximus was inspired by my Dachshund Teddy - I wanted to create something which was all about fun, luxury British style. All our products are made in England. Our Leathersmith Mo makes all our leather leads and collars from start to finish. He embosses each one with a message. It's this attention to detail and focus on quality that sets us apart.

How do you come up with your designs?

Being a dog owner, I understand the need for quality, style and practicality. Therefore, I'll start with the fabric or an idea and ensure it stands the test of time. Our liberty prints are all washable for example. Our collar fittings are solid brass, which not only looks beautiful but are designed for wear.

Do you have any new products coming up?

We are delighted to have just launched our new bespoke personalisation service. Not only can you have your dogs name, a birthday or even a special date embroidered but you can now also order this on our dog coats too!

We are always looking to refresh and introduce new things so keep a look out on as well as our social channels and newsletter where our latest news is announced.

What's your favorite part of the job?

This has to be meeting all the wonderful dogs and their owners who have supported us and who enjoy using our products. It truly makes our day when we see a picture of a pooch enjoying their new accessories from Teddy Maximus.

This weekend we supported the Dogs Trust at their dog shows in Belgrave Square and Bramham Gardens - it's always lovely to do so.

Got any Tips for dog owners on keeping their dogs looking stylish?

For a quick perk up to any outfit you can never go wrong with a bow tie or a neckerchief - because who needs an excuse to step out in style?!

Also invest in quality - our leather leads become softer and more supple with use. The beauty of a good quality product is that you can wear it in over time and it will still look great. Buy style which is timeless and designed to last.


I feed my dog a mix of James Wellbeloved and Lilly's Kitchen exclusively. I will only feed her the best quality food that I can find, packed with organic and nutritious ingredients. The two brands above are the result of me trying various different types of food, all of which Peach either didn't like, or they didn't agree with her. I finally found two brands that I could alternate to keep her interest, and that was going to give her all of the nutrients and goodness that she needs to stay healthy. 

However, that being said, I have struggled to find a special treat for her that is as good and healthy as her daily food. I have tried a few, and while they tend to have the keywords I'm looking for, ie, organic, Non-GMO, no fillers and no parabens, they just weren't cutting the puppy mustard when it came to my dog. She either wouldn't look at them or would give them a sniff and a lick and walked away. 

Now it goes without saying that treats should always be fed in moderation and as part of your pup's daily calorie and nutritional intake. For example, if you are using treats as a training tool, then weigh out the amount you intend to use for training, and deduct it from her main food supply for that day. Or else we will have a bit of a plump pup on our hands.

When I was on the hunt for nutritional and most importantly, tasty treats for Peach, I found a brand called Neoh & Nobo. These guys are an artisan bakehouse exclusively for pooches, that specialised in good tasty treats for dogs.

I genuinely thought that this would be too good to be true with the brand. While they fit all my major list of requirements, I was unsure that they would fit Peach's ultimately fussy palette. 

So I waited for them to arrive and as soon as they dropped through my letterbox, Peach was down the stairs faster than Usain Bolt at the Olympics. Good first impression to me. N&N gained a point. 

I thought that I would be best just to give it a go anyway so I opened up one of the boxes that I was sent, and she was already making noises and salivating. N&N gained another point. 

Before I could even mutter "sit" to give it to her, she whipped it right out my hand and ran to her bed to have a munch, and like that, she was pretty happy and contented and I gave N&N full marks for their product.

With the three flavours of dog biscuit they have to offer, Banana & Tumeric, Papaya & Pumpkin and my personal favourite, Butternut & Vanilla Bean, I was fully content and ecstatic that I finally found a range of treats that were perfect for both me as a health conscious owner, and my dog's fussy taste buds. 

I would highly recommend Neoh & Nobo if you are in the same boat as me. They even do personalised biscuits for gifts and the mouthwatering Coconut & Cinnamon Peanut Butter that has just 3 ingredients to satisfy your dog's need for munching. Which, if your dog loves a good ol' teaspoon of PB like mines dogs, they will lose their minds over this one!


When it comes to toys, Peach is always spoiled. She's always getting some form of toy every other week that she will no doubt rip to pieces in about four seconds or so. 

With this in mind, I always have a dillemma on my hands, do I buy her the plastic toys that will hurt her gums when she bites too much but they last longer, or do I buy softer toys that wont hurt her but will last less time that it takes for me to boil the kettle for a cuppa?

I've did a lot of researching on it and found that natural fiber toys are the best way for us to go down. Using natural products in thier toys causes less damage to the gums when furiously gnawing at the toys and will last a little longer than the conventional polyester that most dog toys are made out of. 

While it may not be the dream answer to my problems just yet, it is a short time solution for us, plus, thier toys look pretty cool! 

I hope you liked this post and if you are looking for some luxury items for your precious pooch then give some of them a try! 


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