The Fashion Edit: Style Mathematics With VVA!

Looking stylish can be hard. Even more so now with more brands evolving and our current fashion period is the most diverse it has ever been.

When it comes to events, weddings or even just general date nights, even I struggle with finding the perfect combination to gain all the style brownie points.

And then once you think you have the perfect outfit, you can't find the accessories to match!

I swear that guys have it so easy.

Which is why that I have teamed up with VVA Handbags to show you the art of style mathematics and how to ace dressing for that special moment!

Date Night

When it comes to date night, I love a good slinky dress and metallic additions. Depending on where you are being whisked away to, the dress can vary from a red-hot Stella McCartney number to the ever so classic LBD. Having both types in your wardrobe arsenal is key to always nailing tricky styling sessions and of course, always looking the epitome of perfection.

When it comes to my accessories I love having a metallic edge to brighten things up and keep it fun, and for that I have my gold & silver Lilly clutches from VVA to add a touch of opulence to my outfit.

I've put together a few outfits below to show you how I'd style out my date night attire and to give you a few ideas to make your night out uber glamourous!

Day Dressing

Now when it comes to day dressing you have two options, having a clutch at brunch with the girls, or having a tote for weekend shopping trips.

What I love with the VVA Dahlia tote is that you can have both! The Dahlia is a fully functional working tote with the option to remove the front pocket for use as a clutch bag later on - genius!

I love having my base colour for my tote in an off-duty neutral shade so that it has maximum versatility in my wardrobe, but I can also have a clean base for adding in funky printed clutches at a front pocket like the ones below.

When I am day dressing, I love adding in a little leopard print to spice up an otherwise standard outfit. Whilst keeping my shoes either tan or black and my dress choices fairly neutral, I feel like the touch of animal print really gives my outfit a pop of fun!

Again, I've put together a few of my favourite dress and shoe combos so you can see just how easy it is to add a VVA into your wardrobe with maximum style and very little effort!

Wedding Dressing

I particularly find dressing for weddings a nightmare. There are so many etiquette rules to follow that I personally find that I trip up over myself trying to follow them. 

Therefore I stick to three rules:

1) No white, cream, ivory or anything of the sort. I ain't the bride (yet), so leave the blank canvas to her for the day. Plus I get to experiment with some colour for a change!

2) Pastels are great for summer and just as flattering as white. No majorly bright colours for me as I wouldn't want to draw a significant amount of attention away from the bride by wearing a bright neon pink dress. Pastels with fun accessories are my go-to.

3) Keep it classy. Always. No strapless. No shorter-than-short hemlines. And certainly no cleavage. But that's just me!

It can be a little boring when wedding guest dress shopping, that's why I like to add in some fun elements with my shoes & handbags to liven it up nonchalantly and keeping it subtle. 

A little bit of leopard, a little floral and even a little colour clashing works incredibly well when you are trying to play it cool.

I love the prints from the Ivy that really help me liven up my outfit and give me even more of an excuse to bring in some colour to my ensemble. 

As always, I've put together some of my favourite looks that would coordinate well with the clutches above. 

There you have it! Looking stylish has never been so easy!

Check out VVA here and make sure to follow them on Instagram!

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