The Summer Edit: Swimsuit Shopping With UK Swimwear

Summer is a fickle one for me. I'm a naturally cold person so I'll take any heat I can get, but when summer comes around I transform myself into some sort of a sun-loving, Californian beach babe who will happily let you think I was born in the tropics.

Whilst in Scotland, summer isn't coming close to the Cali heat, it does spread en masse de-clothing or as we call it "taps aff", and we all down tools and hit the closest beer garden - or your posh pals parents garden who have a hot tub.

So it's safe to say that summer in Scotland leaves you half naked, tipsy and 'skelped' by the sun in a few places. And we do the same every, single, year. (It's almost like we've never seen the sun before!)

For me, however, I forego the indecent exposure and the burnt unpleasantries and transform into my aforementioned boho version of myself that I wish I could be all year round.

Which is why I lap up every inch of summer there is and by gosh I make the most of it.

And with summer, comes swimsuits.

I normally have the hardest dilemma when it comes to picking out the right beach attire. As a tall, booty lovin' gal, it's hard for me, for one to find a suit that is long enough to fit my lanky frame and that also covers enough area on my booty to avoid offending those easily offended.

I normally go for a bikini to avoid this issue, but after seeing so many retro prints and more general love to the ol' suit, I decided that I was going to don one for the first time since I was 12 and at a regional swim meet (A time when speedos were certainly for performance and not style related).

I hummed and hawed with the thought of buying 'yet another black' item of clothing. I have a host of black bras, pants, and bikinis that I really couldn't fathom buying another one. Heck, I'd rather wear a bright blue swimsuit than wear black again.

And that's exactly what your girl here did.

While I was hunting for the perfect swimsuit I was contacted by UK Swimwear and asked if I would be interested in working with them, which fitted me perfectly as I had no idea what I was looking for so maybe they could help me out.

After looking on their site I came across my dream swimsuit. I swear it was everything I was looking for.

You girls out there will know how hard it is to find one that is flattering enough to make your boobs look less '12-year old boy' and more 'hey everyone, look who came to the party' and this suit does just that.

So I gave them my size and very impatiently waited for my cossie to arrive.

A few days later I was delighted to see it on and I felt like a new version of myself. This particular suit smoothes out your lumpy bits (if you have any) and contours your figure into something that Kim KW and the booty squats crew would be proud of. And as someone who's done around 4 squats in my entire life - this was game-changing.

I instantly fell in love with it the moment I put it on. To the point that I was genuinely saddened that I couldn't pop down to Tesco in it because it made me feel just that damn pretty.

I feel that when it comes to swimsuits, you have a lot of options, and not all of them are good ones. But sometimes you have to take the bull by the brightly coloured swimsuit horns and just go with it.

UK Swimwear is one of the best places that I've found for holiday shopping. It's really easy and convenient for me to shop all of what I need for going away in one place. I'm talking bathers, bags, fake tan - you name it, they have it!

I also picked up a new beach bag (above) and some new fake tan to try out. This one from Fake Bake promises to get me all bronzed up in just one whole hour. Which for me is perfect for that impromptu beach date.

All in all I am totally a fan of UK Swimwear. It makes life so much easier to shop all your essential from just one site. And with the massive array of swimwear options on offer, you are in good hands and will easily find your dream swimwear option just like I did!

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