The Fashion Edit: Getting Sparkly With Cherry Soda

I love a good bit of sparkle, I think we all know that. I am such a jewelry lover that my collection is a magpie's dream!

I have my classic pieces that I love like my grandma's rings, my diamond tennis bracelet I was given for my 21st and of course my Tiffany bracelet from my beloved granny. You'll never find me leaving the house without them.

But I love to add to my "stack" as I call it. I love dainty silver bracelets that I can stack up to create a beautiful look.

Which is why when I was invited down to my local Cherry Soda boutique in Ayr, I jumped at the chance! I couldn't wait to work with the lovely girls from the store, and of course be all in and about their gorgeous stock and see their newest launches!

When I met the girls I was absolutely blown away by their extensive product knowledge, taking me through every collection piece by piece and informing me of their history, I was so impressed with their collections! From brands that are a common household name like Swarovski, Vivienne Westwood, and Katie Loxton, to up and coming brands like Miss Dee, Qudo, and Joma Jewellery, they have every style for every personal preference - which you can see why its the perfect place for gifting!

As part of my collaboration with Cherry Soda, I'm delighted to announce that I will be partnering up with them to bring you a sneak peek of their newest collections every single month, and let me tell you this, I can't actually wait!

I have worked on at least 5/6 jewellery counters throughout my retail career. Purely down to my love of the sparkly stuff and the fact it was the perfect job for my broke student self. I began to learn the art of styling out pieces and expanding my brand knowledge to the point where I became known to my clients as having a good eye for style and detail and knowing the perfect piece for any occasion.

So you could say that this partnership was made for me, literally.

I can't wait to get started and show you what we come up with, but for now, I have a little haul to show you from some of the items I was kindly gifted from the Cherry Soda team.

As you may know by now, I am a lover of the colour blue & stars. It's a given at this point that my friends and family know exactly what to gift me for birthdays and Christmases. So it was no surprise that I gravitated to the stars and made a b-line for the blue accessories when I was browsing the store. Hey, I'm only human!

I was gifted two accessories from Katie Loxton, one being their very cute clutch and the other being their scarf with, of course, stars on it (similar items linked).

I also was kindly gifted some beautiful star themed pieces from Joma Jewellery, both bracelets, one is a beautiful delicate chain and the other has a delightfully cute shooting star. These haven't left my wrists since I put them on and they look beautiful stacked with my classic pieces!

I was quite happy with my haul until I was also kindly gifted a stunning piece from Swarovski that is very quickly becoming a staple in my collection. The Swarovski 'Emily' bracelet is easily one of my favourites and I'm totally in love with it.

And if that wasn't enough, I was also gifted a couple of pieces from the ever popular, Miss Dee range. As much as I don't know that much about the brand, I was quite pleasantly surprised at the quality and uniqueness of the pieces. From their gorgeous elongated heart pendant to their beautiful diamante earrings, I think this one will be a brand to watch in my opinion.

All in all, I am so happy to work with Cherry Soda, and as thanks to you guys for being loyal followers, I'll also have a coupon code for you all to use on the site for some sweet discounts!

Make sure to check this blog to find my monthly edit for the girls and I can't wait for you all to see what we create together!

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